Did Meryem Uzerli’s boyfriend cheated on her?

It is claimed that the reason why Meryem Uzerli left Turkey is not about burnout syndrome!

It is said that Can Ateş cheated on Meryem Uzerli
It is said that Can Ateş cheated on Meryem Uzerli

The claims are new and serious. It is said that Meryem Uzerli fall into depression after when she learned that her boyfriend Can Ateş cheated on her.

The couple were on holiday in Bodrum, and it was just two days before Meryem Uzerli’s sudden departure to Germany, the  couple had a fight then Meryem Uzerli left the hotel with great anger and tears.

The reason of this fight was cheating, Meryem Uzerli learned that her boyfriend was cheating on her and this was unacceptable for Hürrem Sultan! Her close friends say that this cheating crushed Meryem Uzerli’s feelings and broke her heart. She was trusting Can Ateş very much and such an unfaithfulness was shocked her.

After this event, she urgently left Turkey and went to Germany to her family. It is known that Can Ateş went to Germany to visit Meryem Uzerli after 10 days from her departure, but now it is claimed that the reason of this visiting was begging for a mercy and to be forgiven by Meryem Uzerli.

As we said it is rumors and other rumors are around like Meryem Uzerli will return to Turkey and continue to her role in Magnificent Century.

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  1. My god what happen with her,she is so beatiful and elegant and he so ugly.Thanks god that your baby girl looks like you.

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