Deniz Seki is Arrested Again and Now Sent to Prison !

Deniz Seki is Arrested

Turkish singer Deniz Seki was arrested and sent to prison. During the drug operation she was arrested last week, but she was released after her questioning.

Today ,after detention of the gendarme in drug court operations, and release back into custody yesterday after objections from public prosecutors  singer Deniz Seki, was arrested and sent to prison.

Deniz Seki, were arrested were sent to prison. Cocaine use and ensure the interests of the claim that the decision about the catch and the Deniz Seki 3 suspects have been arrested.

Seki  be sent to Prison

Been taken to court and the defendant faces of guards in the detention decision Seki has been read. Seki, will be sent to Bakırköy Women Prison,the other suspects will be sent to Prison  Metris

Deniz Seki and her Lover Hüsnü Şenlendirici
Deniz Seki and her lover Hüsnü Şenlendirici

Evaluate any objections from the prosecutors conduct investigations 9th Criminal Court, the trial  release about the capture Seki and 7 suspects had decided to remove the order.

When she was leaving the court, she couldn’t hold her tears and she said that she was sorry about all.

4 thoughts on “Deniz Seki is Arrested Again and Now Sent to Prison !”

  1. I love Deniz Seki i am a big fan of her is so beautiful, but i cannot understand why ? And i really dont like husnu senlendirici, he is so ugly !
    Sorry for you Deniz Seki !
    no cocaine no cry, you shouldnt do this !

  2. Well, it’s a real pity to read all this, as Deniz is a fantastic singer. The show business people are always tempted to use a drug as it’s very difficult to cope with all they are asked to do in a single day.

    Personnally I’m strongly against drugs, as it’s bad and makes money for bad people.

    Does anyone know for how long she is in prison ?

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