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Çukur “The Pit” Tv Series: One of The Best Tv Series of 2018

Çukur “The Pit” is one of the best Turkish tv series in recent years. The series became so successful that “The Pit” become a social phenomenon. ÇukurThe Pit brought a fresh concept to Turkish Tv Series and Drama, action, drama, comedy and mystery in a whole presented in a very fast and fluent stream.

Yamaç, İdris koçovalı and Aliço. There is always mystery before action in Çukur - The Pit
Yamaç his father İdris koçovalı and Aliço. There is always mystery before the action in Çukur – The Pit

Even at first glance, Çukur “The Pit” differs from other mafia and action tv series, it’s very different because it has some unique flavours in it; a neighbourhood protest culture, fun, excitement.

Çukur “The Pit” Tv series is now in its second season and its the most popular tv series in Turkey right now.

The Story of Çukur – “The Pit”

Yamaç is a chemist and a musician before returing to Çukur - The Pit
Yamaç was a chemist and a musician before returning to Çukur – The Pit

Çukur – “The Pit” of the most dangerous and neighbourhoods of Istanbul. But it’s not just a neighbourhood its a pit, and the pit that İstanbul falls into! The ghetto is ruled by a strong family, the Koçova family. İdris Koçova is the Godfather of the hood and he has certain rules that no one can pass even in their business which is related to crime. The most important rule is the prohibition of drugs. Drugs cannot be produced, used or sold in Çukur. But one day a man named “Vartolu” has returned to Çukur and he is determined to break the “Drug ban” of Koçova Family.  At first, Vartolu tries to negotiate with the Koçova’s but when his request is rejected he attacks the neighbourhood and the family with his power. Just as he thinks that he has put the family on their knees something unpredicted comes up. Yamaç, the little member of Koçova family is now in the hood!

Vartolu in The Pit tv series
Vartolu in The Pit tv series

Yamaç (played by Aras Bulut İynemli) is a young man who is a chemist in the daytime and a musician at night, living his life in the modern part of İstanbul in the way he wants to. He’s a man who doesn’t think about tomorrow. One night he meets a beautiful young woman as wounded and dangerous as himself.

Sena (played by Dilan Çiçek Deniz) Çukur - The Pit
Sena (played by Dilan Çiçek Deniz) Çukur – The Pit

Her name is Sena (played by Dilan Çiçek Deniz). Soon they fall in love and get married. While thinking that they would live “happily ever after”, Yamaç’s family that he believed he had left behind comes between them. As Sena follows Yamaç and runs in the family, they are not aware that their lives will never be the same.

Çukur Season 1st Season Teaser:

The first season was so fast and dynamic that everything in The Pit has changed very quickly and the challenge of domination of the neighbourhood was very tough! Its very hard to write without giving spoilers, but we can say that the final episode of The Pit was a great puzzle and the start of the second season was a great beginning episode to deserved to be watched!

There is always action in Çukur - The Pit tv series
There is always action in Çukur – The Pit tv series

If its okay to have little spoilers, because its impossible to tell about the second season, its not just the Vartolu, the story is getting bigger, the underworld is not just the local gangs, the emperors are on the way, the revenge of Yamaç  and the enemies of the İdris Koçovalı from the past makes Çukur -The Pit-  like a hell on earth.

Çukur – The Pit 2nd Season Teaser 1

How Çukur “The Pit Became” so Popular?

The Çukur “The Pit” action drama television series has something different from other tv series, it has a strong rhetoric, it creates its own culture… Yes, the neighbourhood is fictional and actually,

Where is Çukur The Pit is being shot

Çukur is shot in Balat (youtubegoogle maps), actually a very peaceful neighbourhood of İstanbul. But its the success of the producers to create a ghetto in for the audience.

The Pit – Çukur, is always giving strong messages to the audience via by the street writings in the back scenes, they are mostly protesting, or complaining about fate or exaggerating the aim of life even jokes! The street wrings has still powerful effects and can give inspiration to the audience. In 2013 they become very popular during the Gezi Park Protests and they called it “Disproportionate Intelligence”, yes this works in Çukur, the audience mostly the youngsters liked it!

"While searching above the sky,, we've found it in The Pit" Street Writings of Çukur The Pit
“While searching above the sky, we’ve found it in The Pit” Street Writings of Çukur The Pit
Somethings that are now in our hands, for example her hands - Çukur - The Pit Street Writings
Some things that are now in our hands, for example her hands – Çukur – The Pit Street Writings
The ones that burned us didn't even get sweat
The ones that burned us didn’t even get sweaty

For more street Writings see https://www.showtv.com.tr/dizi/haber/1967355-cukur-sozleri

The second major reason for Çukur’s success is the music behind it, rap music, protest music and the new things that ordinary people are not aware but youngsters like it, it lives in the hood, the ghetto has it.

A musical fight scene in The Pit (The music by Gazapizm Heyecanı Yok)

Çukur The Pit Music  on Youtube

The scenario, popular actors&actress, the mystery, the quick fun drama to fun sequences are the thinks that makes Çukur to be watched.

The Pit series broadcast by Show Tv on Mondays 20:00 İstanbul Time and also streamed on puhutv.com (available from Turkey only)

The episodes can be watched on Youtube (no English Subtitle yet)- Official Youtube Channel of The Pit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTAkwLbVzHxsbgsp6cRsPDg/videos 

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