Coffee Festival Izmir: The 4 Years of Tradition

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Coffee Festival Izmir 2019
Coffee Festival Izmir 2019

Izmir Coffee Festival is our 2nd file on spreading coffee culture in Turkey. After the first “coffee festival” article, now here we are again with the second coffee festival article. Our first coffee festival text was about Istanbul Coffee Festival (ICF). You can find all the details in our text in which we analysed elaborately (Istanbul Coffee Festival: A Thrill That Has Been Going On For 5 years). But see you this time in İzmir instead of Istanbul! We hope that this article will cause a piece of curiosity in your mind about the Coffee Festival Izmir…

Izmir Coffee Festival 2019 will be in Izmir Arena
Izmir Coffee Festival 2019 will be in Izmir Arena

A Short Review on Coffee Festival Izmir

The first İzmir Coffee Festival was held in 2016 with the participation of 80 brands and 18.236 visitors. The motto of the second Festival in 2017 was “MORE”. And the more was accomplished. This time 110 brands and 31.244 visitors participated at the festival. The festival opened its doors to coffee lovers for the third time in 2018 and broke another record with 120 brands and 38.427 visitors. When comparing the proportion of participants and the city population, Izmir Coffee Festival is the first biggest one among other similar events.

The forth Izmir Coffee Festival will be organized this year
The forth Izmir Coffee Festival will be organized this year

When will The 4th Coffee Festival Izmir Begin?

4th Coffee Festival Izmir is planning to be organized at the same dates as the previous three festivals. Festival’s dates are not officially announced yet, but the event most probably is going to be between 11.10.2019 and 13.10.2019 (Friday to Sunday).

Izmir Coffee Festival’s Area

The Festival’s area is located in a very central part of Izmir. The festival is going to be organized in Izmir Arena. The Izmir Arena hosts many national and international events and meetings such as business dinners, private invitations, price-giving ceremonies. The Arena has a perfect location and it is very easy to reach. The address is; 1649 Sk. No: 107 Turan – Bayraklı / İZMİR.

Izmir Coffee Festival will be 11-12-13 October 2019
Izmir Coffee Festival will be 11-12-13 October 2019

How Can I Go to Izmir Arena?

There are so many shuttle buses from both the airport and bus terminal. From the airport, you can also take the metro to the centre of the city. It takes about 45 minutes to arrive in the festival area. Izmir is not as big as Istanbul, and the traffic is not as troubled either. Metro works well enough, also you can use other public transportations to reach Bayraklı.

For coffee lovers, this festival is the one! Coffee Festival Izmir is a wonderful opportunity that you should not miss. For those especially live in Izmir or in the region, the meaning of the festival is enjoying coffee at the edge of the gulf (“the gulf” refers to Gulf of Izmir). There will be so many participants, both local and national. However, it seems that the third wave coffee will mark on the festival just as the entire coffee market in Turkey. At the festival, you can taste different type of coffees, meet talented baristas and remove your curiosity, and have an eternal fun with the live concerts during the event.

So many solo performers and bands take to the stage at the festival. Organizers haven’t announced the festival programme yet, but here is the clue! You will appease not only your coffee need but also the music! Long story short, an unforgettable weekend event is waiting for you…

How Can I Find The Tickets?

For the festival tickets, you can visit, which is the festival’s official website. What’s more, you can directly go to the following link to buy your tickets. The link is You can also follow the Coffee Festival Izmir on social media to update the latest agenda and the information.

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