/ / The Sink of The Karaköy Seaport !

The Sink of The Karaköy Seaport !

Karaköy Seaport
The Sink of Karaköy Seaport

The famous and historical seaport of Karaköy was sunk yesterday. The old Seaport was connecting Beyoğlu (Taksim Square, İstiklal Steet) to Üsküdar and Kadıköy and To the Bosphorous. If you have visited Istanbul you should possibly used this port.

The Karaköy seaport was a floating platform which had 1.200m2 closed area over the sea. It is sad to lose this kind of place, it sanked with memories of the people who use it, wait for departure or rushed to their work rutin.

The authorities said it will be rebuild as soon as possible, until reconstruction of another port alternative routes will be used , Eminönü Port and the port of Midde Class Ferries port in Karaköy will be used and their sailing times will be increased.

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