Cehennem Deresi Canyon-The Unknown Great

The canyon is formed by erosion. The North-Eastern Plateau with high peaked mountains forms powerful rivers and streams that erode the mountain formations. This river erosion makes Cehennem Deresi Canyon special, it is very deep over 300m indeed, also very close the width is 70m at most, besides its major area as the river lies like a snake the canyon gets its length 16km at its closest point its length is still 7km.

Cehennem Ceresi Canyon
Cehennem deresi Canyon

Cehennem Deresi Canyon is one of the greatest canyons of the world, it is placed on the North-East of turkey in Ardanuç/ARTVİN

For some authorities, the whole radius on its major area of the canyon makes it even greater than its valley side, some say its one of the top 10 greatest canyons on size.

The name “Cehennem Deresi” means “River of the Hell”, because the deep valley and the dreadful rocks seem daunting, and it is very difficult and also extremely exciting to look down into the canyon from the plateau over. Photographers who are brave like Özcan Öztürk achieved to get on the top and take pictures of this amazing canyon.

Some pictures of this great canyon :

Cehennem Deresi Canyon in Ardanuc
Cehennem Deresi Canyon in Ardanuc
Canyon-Side Cehennem Deresi
Cehennem Deresi Canyon in Ardanuc
Cehennem Deresi Canyon
Cehennem Deresi Canyon in Ardanuc
Cehennem deresi canyon - the river of hell canyon
Cehennem Deresi Canyon in Ardanuc

How Can I get There : You can fly to Trabzon or Erzurum than you’ll get Artvin by bus it is about 3,5 hours, Ardanuç Cehennem Deresi Canyon is only 30 mins from Artvin, on the main road (as you see from the picture above) of Artvin and Ardanuç.

The canyon is maintaining and it is open to visitors as a touristic site.

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