New Trend in Turkish Cuisine I: Lahmacun (Turkish Pizza) and Adana Kebab Meet on the Same Plate

Lahmacun and Adana Kebab come together as a new traditional flavor

Today, we are before you with a recipe, or better to say a “trend”. That will both lick your chops and you will eagerly want to offer yourself a plate. What we are talking about is the surprising meeting of the two of the most popular members of Turkish cuisine. So, hold on to your … Read more

Turkish Fried Feta Rolls, or “Cigarette” Pastries

Sigara (cigarette) böreği got their name due to their long, thin, rolled shape.

In Turkish cuisine, “meze” is a group of foods served as a series of appetizers or starters before the main course arrives. If you’re dining out, “meze” dishes are often so plentiful and delicious, they end up overshadowing the rest of the meal. So, Turkish fried feta rolls are definitely one of them! You can … Read more

Delicious Turkish Lemonade or “Limonata” Recipe

Turkish lemonade is a delicious and traditional beverage. (Image Credit-Turkish Foodie)

Have you ever heard of lemonade that is not sour? Take a sip of Turkish lemonade and you’ll be surprised at its refreshing lemon taste without the sourness. The lemon rinds and sugar are either rubbed together or cooked before they are mixed with the lemon juice. This leaves you with a smooth, sweet lemonade … Read more

Best Turkish Wines both Red and White to Taste and Enjoy

Assyrian wine has a thousand year of tradition in Anatolia.

When you think about wines, the best wines, in the world, Turkey and Turkish wines are not among those you think of. The first two would probably come to mind would have been French and Italian wines, which is fair enough! However, the best Turkish wine is underrated. What’s more, more and more producers are looking … Read more

Turkey’s Fish Sandwich (Balık Ekmek): The Popular Street Food of Istanbul

A Traditional Fish Sandwich Boat in Istanbul's Eminönü. (Image Credit-Culture Trip)

Turkey and Istanbul, of course, has a lot of memorable experiences for visitors. So certainly, one of those is to enjoy a fish sandwich (balık ekmek in Turkish). While enjoying your fish sandwich, you may also enjoy Bosphorus. What a perfect match! You can also take a look at our Best 25 Turkish foods list which … Read more

12 Awesome Turkish Cheeses You Must Know

Turkish cheeses are both tasty and healthy.

Following the news on Turkey’s cheese importation from Venezuela broke out, general interest on the origins and variety of Turkish cheeses has risen. As some of you may know, Turkey is a very rich country on account of cheese variety. Moreover, the country exports cheese to the whole world. Therefore, the importation news has shocked … Read more

Is Venezuelan Cheese Going to Replace Turkish Cheese?

Every region in Turkey has its own type of cheese in accordance with climatic features. (Image Credit-Travel Atelier)

Turkey issued a presidential decree allowing the import of several food products on August 21. So, the decree includes cheese that Turkey is going to import from Venezuela at zero tariffs. Hence, the decision to import cheese from Venezuela raised a question that if Venezuelan cheese going to replace Turkish cheese. While Turkish cheese has … Read more

Turkey’s Mesir Paste — The Secret Aphrodisiacs from the Ottoman Period

Merkez Muslihiddin Efendi made the paste with 41 different types of plants and spices together to form a medicinal paste.

Mesir paste tradition (Mesir Macunu in Turkish) is a very old tradition in the history of Manisa. The city, by the way, is an Anatolian city in the Aegean region. So, the tradition dates back to almost 500 years. Mesir paste started as a medicine invention during the Ottoman period. However, it became an important part of … Read more

Turkish Sucuk Beef Sausage: Why is it So Popular in Turkey?

Turkish Sucuk Beef Sausage (Image Credit-Danet)

Turkish cuisine or kitchen is a bridge between the Middle East and the Mediterranean, just like the country itself. And so, one of its most representative dishes is Turkish sucuk, which is a spicy beef sausage. Find out all about this meaty little sausage that packs a big punch of flavor and how you can … Read more

Turkish Feast Pilaf: Sweet Rice with Currants and Pine Nuts

Turkish feast pilaf is a very delicious meal in Turkish kitchens. (Image Credit-The Guide Istanbul)

To begin with, the Turkish Feast Pilaf is one of the most favorite rice in Turkey. The flavor comes from Turkey and people often use it as stuffing or serve with turkey. It is cinnamony and sweet because of the spices that rise contains. The rice goes very well with a Thanksgiving meal. This is … Read more