4.000-Year-Old Textile Mill Found in the Western Part of Turkey

4.000-year-old textile mill in Turkey has aroused great excitement. (Image Credit-Daily Sabah)

Turkish archaeologists have unearthed a 4.000-year-old textile mill in Western Turkey. The finding contains parts of a loom and tools for creating textiles. What’s more, there are also accessories dating back four millennia in western Turkey. It is now a matter of curiosity whether this groundbreaking discovery rewrites history. “Last year we made some exciting … Read more

The Flying Bedroom: Turkish Paraglider Hasan Kaval in the Sky with an Airbed

The flying bedroom of the Turkish paraglider Hasan Kaval. (Image Credit-TMZ.com).

The flying bedroom news has become viral all around the world which covers a crazy Turkish paraglider with an “airbed” in the sky. According to the news of Reuters, an international news organization, we witnessed the Turkish paraglider in the sky! The Turkish paraglider Hasan Kaval made this experience real just like he did several crazy … Read more

11 Virtual Museums in Turkey You Can Visit Safely from Home Amid Pandemic Conditions

Rahmi Koç Museum

Virtual museums in Turkey has been a popular search so far. Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone to spend increasingly more time at home in front of the computer screen. However, one can also turn into an advantage the time spent in the virtual world. The answer to the question of how to do it … Read more

World’s Most Beautiful 21 Cities including Two Turkish Metropolis

Rome-Colossseum, Italy(Image Credit-Clementoni)

Certainly, you have probably seen lots of lists so far which contain some of the world’s most beautiful cities. Various websites prepare various lists of astonishing cities based on their taste. Here is ours! There are, of course, many different standards and perspectives to determine the “beauty” of a city. As for us, we have … Read more

Hot-Air Balloon Begin to Fly Again on The Sky of Cappadocia

The view of fairy chimneys from a hot-air balloon in the sky will take your breathe away. (Image Credit-Property Turkey)

Hot-Air Balloon has started to carry people after five months in central Turkey’s Cappadocia for two weeks. And so, the area is mostly famous for its unique geographical landscape. And so and more, the area often offers sunrise balloon rides among “fairy chimneys.” (Peri Bacaları in Turkish) Hot-Air Balloon Are Back in Service for Fans … Read more

What Precautions Do You Need to Take for A Safe Travel in Turkey Amid COVID-19?

Precautions to take for a safe travel in Turkey. (Image Credit-Daily Sabah)

As Turkey is among the most popular touristic destinations, the search for “safe travel in Turkey” appears as a very common phrase for internet users. So, today we are going to try clarifying the best precautions to take while traveling in Turkey. Traveling in a pandemic condition is tough and anxiety-inducing as there are so … Read more

The Most Interesting Turkish Village: People of “Naked Village” Has a Request!

People who see the sign of the village undress and pose as half-naked. (Image Credit-Milliyet)

Today, we are before you with an interesting story of an interesting Turkish village. The article is about a village and its people. So, what makes this village interesting and brings it to the agenda is its name: Çıplak [naked in Turkish]. The village, with 350 inhabitants, located in the Aegean province of Çanakkale city. However, villagers … Read more

Turkish Belly Dance: Everything You Need to Know About

Male tourists love Turkish bell dance and dancers. (Image Credit-CNN Turk)

Turkish Belly Dance, or commonly belly dance, is a very popular touristic attraction for Turkey. Among many other attractions of Turkey, millions of people visit Turkey every year just to watch Turkish belly dancers live. So, we are gladly going to introduce you to this Orientale body dance. Introduction to Belly Dance Belly Dance, also … Read more

Istanbul to Rejoin to the Magnificent Galata Tower on September as Museum

Galata Tower is going to serve as a museum as of September 15. (Image Credit-Daily Sabah)

People who live in Istanbul and tourists from all around the world are finally going to come together with the magical Galata Tower after months-long restoration works. The works for restoration have started in Istanbul’s iconic monument Galata Tower months ago. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality handed over the restoration works to the General Directorate of Foundations. Istanbul … Read more