Homemade Bread Making: The Most Popular Quarantine Activity in Turkey

Homemade bread is an age-old tradition in Turkey. (Image Credit: Marcel Fiedler/pexels.com)

Homemade bread making in Turkey has been on demand since the quarantine calls made by the Turkish government. Since the beginning of the coronavirus cases in Turkey early March, public health directives have been heeding stay home calls. So now, many Turks have returned to an age-old tradition of making homemade bread. (You can click … Read more

Most Beautiful Women in the World: The List of 2020

100 Most Beautiful Women List of 2020.

Top Beauty World prepares The List of 100 Most Beautiful Women in The World every year. And they have recently announced the this year’s list. In the mid of every year, they announce the nominees. Then, towards the end of the year, the committee shares the results. So, this year’s list contains 3 exciting Turkish … Read more

Cologne in Coronavirus Days: The Special Hand Sanitizer of Turkey

Cologne (aka "kolonya") is a powerful Turkish-origin hand sanitizer. (Credit: dokuzhaber)

Cologne (kolonya), a unique and valuable hand sanitizer, reflects one of the most typical cultural characteristics of Turkey. From the Ottoman-era to Turkey, it has become a very precious medium to show the hospitality of this geography’s people. So now, cologne has been experiencing a new purpose. Besides its authentic value and fantastic scent, kolonya … Read more

Orange Blossom Carnival in Turkey’s Adana: A Balcony Carnival

The International Orange Blossom Carnival of Turkey's Adana (Photo: En Son Haber)

The International Orange Blossom Carnival is one of the most hilarious carnivals in Turkey. Organizers were planning to hold the carnival for the eighth time this year in the southern province of Adana. But, local authority cancelled the orange blossom carnival due to the coronavirus epidemic. Locals, nevertheless, celebrated the carnival from their balconies in spite … Read more

Coronavirus Curfew in Turkey: Learn Everything About the Latest Updates

Turkish authorities have imposed coronavirus curfew for certain age groups (Image: cottonbro).

Coronavirus curfew is finally in Turkey! Within the scope of the fight against coronavirus (COVID-19) break out, Turkish authorities have been taking strict precautions. So, the last one is the coronavirus curfew for those over 65 and under 20 (those born after the 1st of January, 2020). On Saturday, Turkey confirmed that 76 more people … Read more

Turkish Celebrities Abide By the Call for “Stay Home” Due to Coronavirus

Turkish celebrities took themselves in quarantine as a self-precaution against coronavirus epidemic. (Photo: cottonbro)

Coronavirus has been spreading rapidly in the world. So, on one hand, international health organizations have been seeking treatment and vaccine to stop the spread of the virus. And on the other hand, personnel precautions and solidarity calls are getting wider. By this means, there is so much to do for both foreign and Turkish … Read more

Turkey’s Coronavirus Diary: The Latest Number of the Case and Death Toll

Coronavirus has been maintaining its position as the main agenda in the world, just as in Turkey.

Coronavirus has been maintaining its position as the main agenda in the world, just as in Turkey. The danger that human face is quite serious. So, it is impossible to close our eyes to virus news. As the number of cases and deaths have been gradually increasing in the world, precautions against it rising, too. … Read more

Slaughter of Two Mountain Goats in Turkey: Negative Responses Grows Against American Couple

An American couple hunted two mountain goats in the southeastern province of Adıyaman.

An American couple hunted two mountain goats in the southeastern province of Adıyaman. The mountain goats in the southeast of Turkey are sacred in the Alevi faith. A majority of the local population see those animals as quite valuable. Although the local municipality fined the illegal hunting of mountain with 26,000 Turkish Lira (about $4,500), … Read more

The World-famous Turkish-American Surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz Releases ‘Coronavirus Survival Protocol’

The world-famous Turkish American surgeon Mehmet Oz explained the precautions to avoid Covid-19.

As you commonly know, Dr Mehmet Oz is a widely famous Turkish-American surgeon. He released a “coronavirus survival protocol” on March 8. In this protocol, Dr Oz suggested lifestyle changes and supplemental immune support measures in addition to more common hygiene practices. However, there are new and ‘revolutionary’ improvements in this protocol which surprised many … Read more

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Leaps Over Turkey, too: The First Coronavirus Case Announced by Turkish Authorities

Turkey has announced its first confirmed case of Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

Turkey has announced its first confirmed case of Covid-19. So, the news ended weeks of speculation over whether the tourism and travel hub with a large refugee population would be able to avoid the novel coronavirus outbreak. The patient was a Turkish national who had recently returned from Europe, Turkey’s Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said … Read more