Zeytinli Rock Festival 2019

Being in Zeytinli Rock Festival wiil be a wonderful experience

Zeytinli Rock Festival has just started! The festival is celebrating its 6th anniversary this year. Zeytinli Rock Festival has been organizing since the 1st one in 2014. Since then, thousands of music lovers have been meeting at this festival. The festival has 6 years of tradition and the number of participants in the festival is … Read more

The Latest News About Can Yaman!

Hundreds of fans of Can Yaman welcomed his in Spain.
Here is our updated meta post for the Latest News about Can Yaman.


Diletta Leotta: Who is This Can Yaman’s Girlfriend Stunning Blonde?

This stunning blonde Italian sports presenter Diletta Leotta

This stunning blonde Italian sports presenter Diletta Leotta has been occupying headlines in Turkish magazine news for a while. She, in fact, is neither a new face nor an ordinary figure in Italy. However, with the love affair between the world-famous Turkish actor Can Yaman and herself, she became tremendously popular in Turkey, too. Now … Read more

Turkish Actor Can Yaman To Star in Italian TV Series Sandokan

31-year-old actor Can Yaman is probably the most famous Turkish actor abroad

The world-famous Turkish actor Can Yaman is getting ready to meet his fans in “Sandokan”, an Italian reboot TV series. Sandokan, an imaginary Italian pirate, is originally a novel protagonist that Emilio Salgari first created in 1883. So, the Turkish actor has been working so hard for his role. Tight Working Pace of Can Yaman … Read more

Breaking Betrayal News Between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta

The couple had shared picture from their home

A piece of hot betrayal news between the world-famous Turkish actor Can Yaman and the beautiful Italian sports announcer Diletta Leotta has been shaking the celebrity world. Recently, an Italian magazine caught the Italian announcer while kissing an American businessman. Following the magazine sharing the picture on the cover, questions raised among their fans whether … Read more

Can Yaman News | Is the Actor in Relationship with the Italian Reporter Diletta Leotta?

The love rumors between the duo shook both Italy and Turkey

Gossips over a potential love affair have been floating between Turkey and Italy! Chi, an Italian celebrity magazine, caught a picture of both. In the picture, the famous duo is having dinner together at a hotel in Rome and having an intimate time together. Can Yaman, the world-famous Turkish actor, and Diletta Leotta, the beautiful … Read more


Hundreds of Fans in Spain Welcomed Can Yaman

Last Sunday, hundreds of Can Yaman fans gathered to see and maybe to touch (if they were lucky) Can Yaman in Spain. Can Yaman, who is now a world-famous star of Turkey, was in Spain for an invitation of Mediaset Company. As opposed to his incredible fame abroad, many people criticise him in Turkey because of his spurts.

So, what happened on November 24th? His new trip to Spain was quite difficult for the actor. 

An Invitation of Spanish Mediaset Company for Can Yaman

On November 24th, Can Yaman, who gained popularity among Spanish viewers after the broadcast on the TV the series The Daydreamer / Erkençi Kus, arrived in Spain at the invitation of Mediaset company. The actor intends to take part in the program of Telecinco channel ‘Volverte a ver’. The TV channel aired the programme on November 26. The actor warned the groupie about his arrival on Twitter. Thus at the airport, he was waiting for many fans who want to see the star. In other words, he informed his fans before his arrival in Madrid Airport.

Turkish Star Can Yaman met world-wide actor Javier Bardem.
Turkish Star Can Yaman met world-wide actor Javier Bardem.

For the arrival of the Turkish star Can Yaman, Spanish police and the national guard forces were ready, too. Law enforcement agencies in Spain are used to big gatherings that happen regularly. However, the crowds are mostly related to football, so they put things in order quickly. Fans of the actor nearly tear Can to pieces, they were even eagerly trying their best to be able to reach him for a touch. So the police were not particularly nice at putting things in order.


Critics and Supports For Can Yaman

Can himself said that he would love to talk with fans longer. However, the Spanish police were very strict, and he had to agree with the requirements of the law enforcement who had evacuated the actor. On the other hand, numerous fans of Can Yaman gathered around his hotel day before, expected a Turkish star to appear on the balcony. But, this time the actor did not go out, explaining this by fatigue after the flight and apologizing to the groupie.


While the Spanish people warmly welcomed the Turkish star, in Turkey itself, the attitude towards the success of Can abroad is still ambiguous. Many Turkish social media users believe that people overestimated the actor’s popularity abroad. They don’t see anything for him to be a star. Indeed, one of Can Yaman followers on social media wrote to the actor rather unpleasant things. He compared him with an orangutan. Can Yaman, on the other hand, decided to expose this message. And he wrote in response that this is the psychology of some people in Turkey, and they are subjected to such treatment every day.

Is Can Yaman Going to Join the Turkish Army?

Meanwhile, the famous actor Can Yaman is going to join the Turkish Army very soon. Since it is obligatory for Turkish men according to the laws, Can Yaman is going to accomplish his duty on the following January 2020.

In short, whether you like or not, the truth that Can Yaman is indisputably the most popular star and face of Turkey both in Turkey and abroad. So, we will keep updating for news about Can Yaman.

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Istanbul Coffee Festival 2019

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Galata Tower

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Panorama of İstanbul's historical peninsula from Galata tower

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Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan Punches a Protester in Soma

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