Can Yaman is Back on TV with a New Rom-Com: “Mr. Wrong”

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The prominent Turkish actor Can Yaman is back on television again! The long wait has finally come to an end. With a new Turkish romantic comedy, Can Yaman is getting ready to meet his fans, both in Turkey and the world. Very soon, we will be watching him again with “Mr. Wrong” (Bay Yanlış) Turkish romantic comedy.

So, the new TV series of Turkish broadcaster Fox TV in which Can Yaman starring alongside with Özge Gürel is going to start very soon. Then, when is Mr. Wrong starting? What is the story of Mr. Wrong Turkish rom-com (romantic comedy)? And so, which actors and actresses will take place in the cast of the series? Briefly, everything you must know about Mr. Wrong is in our article!

A shower scene from Mr. Wrong. (Image Credit-IMDb)
A shower scene from Mr. Wrong. (Image Credit-IMDb)

Where was Can Yaman during All Those Times?

As you all know very well, Can Yaman was doing his military service at the end of last year and beginning of this year. Later on, following completing his service, coronavirus broke out. Therefore, the successful and famous Turkish actor spent his days at home at out-of-eyes. He has mostly evaluated this time by improving his Spanish skills and learning “tango” from his mother. Besides, he tried to improve his skills in playing drums.

After evaluating this quarantine process, the famous Turkish actor is finally back on stage with a new assertive project! Turkish television giant is going to broadcast the series. On the other hand, Can Yaman is going to share the leading role with the beautiful Turkish actress Özge Gürel. Can Yaman’s fans will probably remember the name of Özge Gürel. The duo had already acted together in the “Full Moon (Dolunay) TV series. It was another Turkish romantic comedy and lasted for 26 episodes in 2017.

Can Yaman's fans are longing to meet Can Yaman again after months. (Image
Can Yaman’s fans are longing to meet Can Yaman again after months. (Image

The handsome actor Can Yaman and Özge Gürel had already proven that they are perfect couples on-screen due to their chemistry in the Full Moon (Dolunay) series. Hence, fans of the Turkish series and Can Yaman are waiting for the series with a huge curiosity. In an interview, Can Yaman stated that “I like Özge very much. I am very happy to act with her again.”

When is Mr. Wrong Going to Start?

While Deniz Yorulmazer is sitting on the director’s seat, Aslı Zengin and Banu Zengin Tak take on the screenwriting. Mr. Wrong is going to be on the screen as of June 26 with its first episode. The production company, on the other hand, is the Gold Film. The series will be on TV every Friday on Fox TV.

Mr. Wrong (Bay Yanlış) is a summer romantic-comedy of Turkish broadcaster Fox TV. (Image Credit-haberlerozel)
Mr. Wrong (Bay Yanlış) is a summer romantic-comedy of Turkish broadcaster Fox TV. (Image Credit-haberlerozel)

What is the Story of Mr. Wrong?

Özgür (Can Yaman) is a very wealthy restaurant owner and living a sloppy but happy go lucky life. Furthermore, he does not believe in love. Ezgi (Özge Gürel), on the other hand, is now tired of wrong relationships and is determined to have a proper relationship. Her one and only wish is to get married. Seeing that Ezgi is not successful in the relationship matters, Özgür begins to mentor her about relationships. So, he gives her tactics to get the man she likes. Özgür and Ezgi also turn out to be neighbors. In this respect, it is most likely for the audience to witness a potential love between the duo in the following episodes.

Mr. Wrong draws attention with its powerful cast. (Image Credit-Magazin Ajandası)
Mr. Wrong draws attention with its powerful cast. (Image Credit-Magazin Ajandası)

All Technical Details of Mr. Wrong

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Production Co.: Gold Film




Leading Characters: Can Yaman and Özge Gürel

Other Players: Gürgen Öz, Fatma Toptaş, Sarpcan Köroğlu, Lale Başar, Cemre Gümeli, Serkay Tütüncü, Anıl Çelik, Feri Baycu Güler, Ece İrtem, Kimya Gökçe Aytaç, Taygun Sungar ve Suat Sungur.

First Trailer of Mr.Wrong:

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