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Bülent İnal’s new series: Tatar Ramazan

Bülent İnal has just started a new tv project after a short break. His last project was Bir Çocuk Sevdim(One Child That I loved) and he was away from the cameras after the end of this series.

The famous actor has returned with a legendary role “Tatar Ramazan” whom was a regular blacksmith and becomes a hero after getting into the prison.

Bülent İnal's new series Tatar Ramazan

Bülent İnal’s new series Tatar Ramazan

The scenario of this series based on the original “Tatar Ramazan” novel of Kerim Korcan, and in the beginning of 1990’s, Tatar Ramazan was shot as cinema films. There movies were shot and all were considered as great films. Kadir Inanır performed Tatar Ramazan role and his stunning performance made hi a legend with this role.

The story is about the corrupted order, fighting with injustice, bravery and pain. Ramazan is a blacksmith and with an unwanted event the faith sent him to prison, where corruption, injustice and suffering of the poor people in prison.

Being a brave Anatolian man, Tatar Ramazan could not stand to this injustice and starts to fight with whom tortures to prisoners and manages gambling in prison. Beating them gives a popularity among other prisoners, and while the riot has began, Tatar Ramazan became the strong leader of the miserable.

The series are on air on Fridays 22:15(Turkish Time- İstanbul) you may watch trailers and new episodes on Tatar Ramazan’s official page here:

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