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Bülent İnal; Your Favorite Actor

Bülent İnal, his star shined after his performance in “Ihlamurlar Altında (Under The Lindens)”, and nowadays he is the most popular Turkish man and most demanded actor in Turkish series. He is favoured by many young girls and women in Turkey, and the Middle East.  Now we are focusing on Bülent İnal, of your great interest in him.

Bülent İnal

Bülent İnal’s Biography

Bülent İnal was born on 19 May 1973 (ŞanlıUrfa), his decision for university is studying on acting he went to  The 9 Eylül University Department Of Theater and Stage Arts.

After his graduation, he started to take minor roles in tv series, films and some roles on a theatre stage. In 1998 his professional career started by acting in the movie Kayikçi. His first major step was in the series of “Kurşun Yarası”, he played a brave qaimakam (the head office of a district ) people loved him very much, then new and big proposals came with bigger projects. The great series of “Ihlamurlar Altında” increased his popularity in 2005, and his performance with Tuba Büyüküstün was favoured by everybody. This series became popular all over the Middle East and his celebrity was getting so popular. then he played in the series of “Kara Yılan” his latest project is Kalpsiz Adam (Heartless Man) is now playing on the tv. Unlike his success on tv, his movies did not achieve as popularity as theirs, but they succeeded well.

Bülent İnal’s Private Life

Bülent İnal is popular with his relationships too, when the series of Ihlamurlar Altında was shooting, Tuba Büyüküstün and Bülent İnal were attracted to each other as their role figures in the series, and they became lovers. The big love ended after the series of Ihlamurlar Altında finished. Then the thing happened and Bülent İnal was attracted by another famous and beautiful actress Beren Saat, who is the opponent of Tuba Büyüküstün in the new series trend. Now Bülent Ünal and Beren Saat have a well-going relationship, they engaged summer of 2008, and the engagement was silent and secret.

Bülent İnal’s Filmography:

Movies :
* Başka Semtin Çocukları (2008)
* Cenneti Beklerken (2005)
* Aşk Yolu (2005)
* Bir Aşk Hikayesi (2004)
* Anlat İstanbul (2004)
* Vizontele Tuuba (2003)
* Hiçbiryerde (2001)
* Dar Alanda Kısa Paslaşmalar (2000)
* Kayikci (1998)

Bülent İnal’s TV Series

* Bu Kalp Seni Unutur mu ? (2009)
* Kalpsiz Adam (2008) Oktay
* Karayılan (dizi) (2008) Karayılan
* Ihlamurlar Altında (2005) Yılmaz
* Kurşun Yarası (2003)
* Azad (2002) Azad
* Aşk ve Gurur (2002)
* Karanlıkta Koşanlar (2001)
* Cesur Kuşku (2001)
* Dikkat Bebek Var (2000)

Bülent İnal photo gallery

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  1. bulent inal is a great actor.
    I’ve never watched turkish serie.
    but i start seeing this great actor.
    i really like him

  2. i hate tuba but beren saat she is the best & she is very beatiful woman & i like relation b/w beren & buleny I LOVE YOU BEREN VERY & VERY MUCH

  3. bulent inal e mnogo krasiv I dobur aktuor , az ne gledax do sega turska televizia , no tozi film /momisheto koeto obishax/, me razvulnyva mnogo wte ostanete dovolni ako ostanete the go gledate , nyama the vi kaja s kakvo se razkazva v tozi serial na onezi koito vse ochte ne sa go gledali no samo s edno chte vi pockazya v tozi film se razkazva za edna istinska luobov I sum yverena she wte ostanete dovolni -priyatno gledane.

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