Birkan Sokullu: The New and The Old Face of Turkish Televisions

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Birkan Sokullu, one hand, is a new face of Turkish televisions. But on the other hand, he has been acting in very different roles in very different TV series. The actor, who has been on the screens since 2008, is still rising his popularity, -both with his good looking, talented acting and of his private life.

Birkan Sokullu, educated on Radio Cinema and TV in Istanbul
Birkan Sokullu, educated on Radio Cinema and TV in Istanbul

Who is Birkan Sokullu Really?

Birkan Sokullu is barely known in Turkey, in spite of all his fame and popularity. So let’s take a closer look at him and answer your all questions about this young, naive and talented actor in the article…

Birkan Sokullu was born in Istanbul on the 6th of October, in 1985. The first time he took a role on the screens was in 2008 with Melekler Korusun” (May the Angels Be With You). Nowadays, he’s been acting in “Bir Aile Hikayesi” (A Family Story) as Berk in Fox TV.

Birkan Sokullu, in "Elif (Mustafa)" TV Series
Birkan Sokullu, in “Elif (Mustafa)” TV Series

He studied Radio, Television and Cinema in Maltepe University (in Istanbul). At the same time, he was a model while he was studying at the university. He played basketball professionally for 10 years. Birkan Sokullu’s star was shining day by day, so as a result of his efforts, he became 3rd at a contest: Best Model of Turkey, 2003. This success expeditiously increased his popularity and thus, Birkan Sokullu began to show up on televisions. His first TV series was “Melekler Korusun” (May The Angels Be With You) in 2008 with his Levent character.

Birkan Sokullu
Birkan Sokullu

He took lessons from an actress Dolunay Soysert on acting. He became very successful in “Küçük Kadınlar” (Little Women) TV series with his role of Ayaz. As a result of his success, signed a contract with Tim Production in 2010. He received a big appreciation in “Küçük Sırlar” (Little Secrets) as the Demir and this success became the milestone for his career.

Birkan Sokullu is with Merve Boluğur and Sinem Kobal in Küçük Sırlar (Littler Secrets)
Birkan Sokullu is with Merve Boluğur and Sinem Kobal in Küçük Sırlar (Littler Secrets)

The young actor Birkan Sokullu, who played in so many TV series, has not only become so popular because of his talent of being an actor but also his private life made him the one whom people are curious about,-especially women!

Love Life of Birkan Sokullu

Overall successes in his career, he has had an up-and-down relationship, plus a marriage!

Aslı Enver and Birkan Sokullu married on 13 July 2012ac
Aslı Enver and Birkan Sokullu married on 13 July 2012ac

Birkan Sokullu got married to Aslı Enver on 13 July 2012. Aslı Enver is a successful actress and appears in TV series just like him. The marriage came true after 2 years of a relationship ended with a divorce on 26 August 2015.

Berrak Tüzünataç and Birkan Sokullu
Berrak Tüzünataç and Birkan Sokullu

After this divorce, Birkan Sokullu started a new relationship with Berrak Tüzünataç. Like his marriage, this relationship, too, continued for 3 years until the couple decided to break-up. Most people fit them very well so that it was a sad breaking up.

Dilan Deniz Çiçek and Birkan Sokullu
Dilan Çiçek Deniz and Birkan Sokullu

Birkan Sokullu’s last serious relationship was with Dilan Çiçek Deniz but it did not last so long like previous ones. The couple broke up after 3 months relationship in April this year.

He is now playing in a new TV series: Bir Aile Hikayesi” (A Family Story) since its first episode on the 9th of March. He is there acting as Berk one the triplets, with such a successful performance.

Birkan Sokullu is 34 years old and he is 1.87 cm height and 80 kg weight. His zodiac is Libra.

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