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Best Turkish Clothing Brands That Will Change Your Fashion Perception

Best Turkish Clothing Brands

Turkey has world-renowned brands in the field of clothing. And the reason for the success of these brands is that they have bold designs with high quality. What’s more, they are fashionable, they have seasonal colors and lines. So, creating the best Turkish clothing brands list may be more difficult than you may think of due to the high number of quality brands. Nevertheless, the recognition of the brands in the world, the demand they see by the customers, and their share in the textile sector enable us to have a database for ranking the best clothing brands in Turkey.

The textile sector makes up one of the biggest portions of Turkey’s export revenue. The best Turkish clothing brands, therefore, not only a growing value in Turkey but also increases their share in the world market. Branding processes and opening up to the world, on the other hand, have a catalyzer role in this particular sector.

Some of the best Turkish clothing brands offer a wide variety of options for both men and women

Some of the best Turkish clothing brands offer a wide variety of options for both men and women

So, we have compiled for you our textile and ready-made clothing companies. They are internationally famous and export to almost every country in the world. And below, are brands that these companies created. Before skipping to the list, you may want to look at Turkey’s fashion and celebrity news.


The famous Turkish brand has 47 branches in the world now and it is a growing brand in the world’s textile sector. The establishment of the company goes back to 1988 and now has more than 50 thousand employees all over the world. And, there is a motto of LC WAIKIKI, which is “everyone deserves to dress well.”

16. De Facto

The company started its journey in 2005 hoping to be there for people and be able to touch their life on every occasion. The company’s motto is to keep up with new trends and styles. And with more than 14.000 employees, they are dedicated to bringing their customers a concept of fashion where everyone feels comfortable, good, and accepted.


Like we said when it comes to the best Turkish clothing brands, it is hard to create a list on account of their quality and popularity as they all are! So, Koton opened its first store in Istanbul in 1988. The company has opened its first high street store in Romania, increasing its number of stores in this country to 16. First Koton stores in France (Paris), Croatia, Morocco, and Germany (Hamburg) were also opened.

14. LTB

The company is one of the biggest ones in Turkey and offers a variety of options in clothing. Jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, and many more to count. Besides, LTB has been serving in Turkey for more than a quarter-century.

13. Penti

Penti has kind of an unusual story on account of its developing adventure. Their story began in 1950 as two separate companies which were then united under a single brand, Öğretmen Çorap (“sock” is the equivalent of Çorap), in 1970. This followed the launch of their production facility in Bayrampaşa, Istanbul. As for the final phase of Penti’s branding process, it came in 1984 when Öğretmen Çorap was replaced with Penti.

12. Colin’s

COLIN’S keeps up with the speed of the world at its more than 600 stores in 38 countries where there are newer, more modern, more interesting and more special things every day. What’s more, it shares the spirit of this big change with its customers.

11. MUDO

Innovator lines, assertive colors, the ability to keep up with the latest trends are all definers of MUDO‘s significant importance in the Turkish fashion universe. In addition to its wide variety in clothing, the company offers very quality and craft designs for houses and furniture. The company has now 129 stores in 29 different cities in Turkey. Furthermore, they have also 5 foreign stores in Northern Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and Bulgaria.

10. Mavi Jeans

Mavi, incorporated in 1991 in Istanbul, is today recognized as a highly successful global lifestyle brand with strong denim roots. With a presence in 33 countries including Turkey, the USA, Canada, Germany, Russia, and Australia, Mavi sells its products via 439 mono-brand stores and c. 4,500 points of sale.

By the way, we must notice that the attractive and talented Turkish actor Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ has been the brand face of the company since 2017.

9. KİP

The classic male clothing brand KİP was established in 1978 and since then, the brand has been increasing its quality and variations. Besides its already growing market value, the company has to plan to grow even bigger. You definitely check the website above.

8. İpekyol Machka

The brand is relatively a pricy one in Turkey and only produces clothing options for women. It was founded in 2004 by the Ayaydın-Miroglio Group. The group bought Turkey’s luxury clothing brand, which already carries the first designer label. Machka is one of the international and local brands today and offers high-quality designs with unmatched craftsmanship.

7. Chakra

Chakra was created in 2005 as a brand of Kocaer Textile, a member of Kocaer Group, one of the largest industrial conglomerates of Denizli, Turkey. The company has become an appreciated and preferred brand with products that stimulate your sense of touch. It is also giving you the fresh and clean feeling you’ve been looking for.

6. Yargıcı

The brand quickly became popular among female customers and in 2001, YARGICI started focusing solely on women’s wear. The same year, cosmetics were added to the product range. This line was named “Waterworks” and included products not found in Turkey at the time. This was one of the first steps YARGICI took towards becoming a lifestyle brand.


Ramsey, which has become a center of attraction not only for Turkish men but also for wide geography from Russia and the Turkic Republics to North Africa and the Balkans, operates in 26 countries with 155 sales points.

4. Vakko

The story begins with Şen Şapka (“Merry Hats”), a small millinery shop started by Vitali Hakko, leading to 84 years of success in 1934. As for 1938, Şen Şapka is renamed Vakko and sets up Turkey’s first’s silk dyeing workshop in Kurtuluş, İstanbul, where the foundations of Vakko’s unrivaled expertise are laid.

3. Kiğılı

Kiğılı is a men’s clothing brand favored by modern, rational, and successful men in Turkey. They continue to be indispensable to the city’s professionals with their innovative vision that defies years. And with their world-class collections, they keep being a wonderful clothing brand. Kiğılı takes a pioneering role with the innovations they bring to the fashion sector. Furthermore, they present trends to men’s liking by interpreting them with their own lines.

The company has:

  • 225 stores in 67 provinces of Turkey
  • 101 sales points in 21 countries worldwide
  • 6.500.000 units’ production per year
  • 150,000 units’ shipment per week
  • 50.000 m2 store area
  • 2,500 employees

2. Sarar

Sarar, as a leading company in the Turkish ready-made clothing sector, started its commercial activities in Eskisehir – Turkey in 1944.

So, the founder of the company was Abdurrahman Sarar. He established the company in a 14 square meter tailor shop. The company, today, is carrying out its activities in the textile and ready-made clothing sector with three modern factories. They take place at a 120.000 square meter site within Eskisehir Organized Industrial Zone, along with Sarev Home Textile and Shirt Factory founded on 180.000 square meter site at Eskisehir-Kutahya highway. Moreover, Sarar Women’s Ready-Made Clothing production department situated in Bomonti, Istanbul.

1. D’S Damat

So, there we are at the top of our best Turkish clothing brands list. D’S Damat, a men’s classic clothing brand, appears as an elegant and high-quality style that can easily attract those who do not even like a suit!

The market leader of men’s clothing, D’S Damat was established in 2002 to offer quality and comfort to large masses. D’S Damat collections, which have created their own league with their fabric selections, sewing, patterns, and designs, are produced in Turkey with 100% domestic high-quality fabrics.

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