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Beren Saat on Elle Magazine’s Cover

Beren Saat's famous beach photo

The famous Turkish actress Beren Saat had a special photo shooting for the famous ELLE magazine’s November issue.

Beren Saat on ELLE's Cover without make up

Beren Saat on ELLE’s Cover without makeup

The famous Turkish actress Beren Saat had a special photo shooting for the famous ELLE magazine’s November issue.

This is will be an interesting shooting for Beren Saat fans because the main concept of this shooting was that Beren Saat has no makeup and the pictures are not Photoshopped. The natural beauty of Beren Saat is amazing. She has no makeup or masks for this shooting.

The shooting was taken in Los Angeles, Malibu, the great natural beauty of the place and Beren’s are combined to a great taste. We are sure that you will definitely love her latest pictures showing her natural beauty given by god.

By this issue, Beren Saat will design two t-shirts for a social responsibility campaign for women. the revenue will be donated to social projects for women.

Also, she gave a special interview for Elle’s November issue. She said that she does not like make-up, and loves to be natural by herself. She advises young fans to maintain their natural beauty, which shows their real character and grows self-confidence.

She was asked for having a baby, and she said that she really wants babies and she must be a mother when the time comes. She said that everything goes great but having a baby and working as an actress is difficult in Turkey to maintain both. Working 15 hours a day is really tough, and she pointed that she has some time for it.

She also mentioned his lover pop star Kenan Doğulu, she said: “Kenan is a great guy and as a star, he has taken control of his ego, it very hard to maintain such a famous relationship, but thanks god  Kenan does great, he really helps me and everything goes great, however, it is a hard period for us.

We proudly present the latest photos of Beren Saat taken for Elle’s November issue. Natural, no make-ups, noı masks no photoshops. Enjoy it.



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