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Beren Saat is marrying with Kenan Doğulu?

Beren Saat and Kenan Doğulu have been together for a long time. The young couple always declares that they are very happy to be together and they make sweet compliments to each other. Last week Kenan Doğulu said lots of beautiful words to press about his girlfriend Beren Saat, and he said that he is very jealous to her, especially about Beren Saat’s special love scenes on her tv series.

Beren Saat and Kenan Doğulu are marrying

Now, Kenan Doğulu has made another surprise in his twitter account and put a question mark in the minds about the marriage with Beren Saat. He posted a question to his fans for advice of the “Wedding Ring”, then he shared a photo of a wedding ring.

Wedding ring advice for Beren Saat
Wedding ring advice for Beren Saat

The rings are marked with voice waves of the words  “I do”. He said this rings were impressed him and printing the wave form of “I love you” will be great for Beren. And Beren Saat fans confirmed that this is a good idea and Beren Saat will love it.

Sharing of wedding rings will surprised everybody but it is still unclear when will he marry with Beren Saat. But sharing a wedding ring is considered as a sign that the marriage news will be heard soon.

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