Beren Saat and her foreign boyfriend
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Beren Saat and her mysterious boyfriend!

Beren Saat and her foreign boyfriend
Beren Saat and her foreign boyfriend after cinema

Beren Saat, Turkish famous tv actress is appearing around with her forign boyfriend. After having relationship and being apart with Bülent İnal, Beren Saat’s private life was not to much issued on media.

After this sensational relationship with Bülent İnal,  Beren Saat stared to date with  with levent Semerci, who was her cast-mate in the tv series of Aşk-ı Memnu. The couple were together for three years, however last month the young  couple had broke up, and had no speech about this break up.

Beren Saat and her foreign boyfriend
Beren Saat and her foreign boyfriend

Beren Saat was not on magazine shows since two weeks ago, until she was seen with her foreign boyfriend after having lunch in a beautiful restaurant at Yeniköy.

The press stuff asked her that “Is it a beginning of a new relationship” but she remained silent. She also translated the question to his boyfriend.

This event flashed question marks for their relationship. And another event supported this question marks.

Beren Saat and her new boyfriend caught to press at walking in Nişantaşı.

Beren Saat and her foreign boyfriend
Beren Saat and her foreign boyfriend

After all, the last event was cleared the question marks. Yesterday, Beren Saat and her boyfriend went to the cinema, the couple met with Burçin Terzioğlu and Murat Yıldırım couple, Beren Saat introduced his boyfirend as my new lover. The couple watched the movie together and after the movie, the press stuff have seen the new couple and asked about the realationship, Beren Saat and her new lover just smiled to the cameras.

Beren Saat is now starring on the TV series “Fatmagülün Suçu Ne” the series play on Thursdays at 20:00 pm local time. Official site is here. (The site is in Turkish however you may browse via Google translate by clicking here)


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  3. hi tuba i luv u saw much u r better then beren saat alot of didnot know that
    but i luv u when u was acting in asi u was amizing..!

  4. beren saat i’m sorry but i dont like u
    u r bad actor in ask mennu………..kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  5. i love beren saat so much

    she is very good in aski memnu and fatmagulun and she is acting sooo nice i love her soooooooooooooo much well i hate tuba

  6. OMG ,….. Beren your soo beauty I’m girl from Iran ur big big fan beren I will come turkya just for u…. See u soon!

  7. Hey beren ur just amazing actually i like the way u smile if i come to turkiya 100 percent i will be ur boyfriend

  8. Beren saat
    I love you and I am always your fan
    As in my heart you are my instructed
    And I warna be like you but I can
    Because you are only one in the world.
    I am from Pakistan
    Age 14

  9. AssalamoAlikum
    You r veryest beautiful girl & real beauty u r really without makeup u also owsem face & body & yeah ur beet good nice smile n i’gave u 100% marks.
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