Barış Arduç — A Dedicated Star with a Golden Heart

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Barış Arduç… A handsome, gifted, passionate and incredibly sensitive star for all kind of social responsibility projects. In this respect, we can name him and his profile as an Unordinary Star, peace in mind! Here he stands by in front of everyone’s eyes as a dedicated life in a variety of social problems of Turkish society and animals, as well!

Barış Arduç, as we mentioned above, takes so many different roles on both TV series and movies. As audiences, we are getting familiar with his face and he gives us more… So in this article, we intend you to know more about him. We deserve to know him more, and he deserves to be known more, so everybody wins!

An unordinary star profile, Barış Arduç
Barış Arduç, 31, an unordinary star profile

Time to End Your Curiosity About Barış Arduç

Barış Arduç is a Turkish television and film actor. Arduç was born in Switzerland on 9 October 1987 to a family of Albanian immigrants, including his father, Erol Arduç, and his mother, Gülay Arduç. He has two brothers. When he was 8 years old, in 1995, Barış Arduç moved to Turkey with his family. He graduated from high school in 2005 and subsequently won an education grant to enrolled at Kayseri Erciyes University Sports Academy.

The most spoken man of the year in 2017, GQ The Man Of The Year Awards
The most spoken man of the year in 2017, GQ The Man Of The Year Awards

The future star’s family had enough money to provide the young Barış with a good education. In his turn, Barış Arduç finished school with great success and began thinking about choosing a profession in which he could maintain his achievements. Arduç was fond of sport and decided to dedicate himself to this main aim. He entered the Academy of Sports after school. Unfortunately, the star of future Barış Arduç couldn’t graduate the academy for he had been dismissed after the first year of education.

Barış Adruç has also has a well-shaped body
Barış Adruç has also has a well-shaped body

Entering a conservatory school was the next move in his educational life. The young and passionate man was interested in arts, and he could obtain acting abilities lessons at the conservatory. He studied the English language hard and now he is capable to speak it fluently. He plays football, swims and dives if to be more exact. The young man tried his abilities on a shooting stage after graduating conservatory.

Barış Arduç’s Career

His first work was taking roles in TV-series. Barış Arduç attended acting training courses in 2007-2009 in Istanbul, Turkey, and completed his theatrical education at Sadri Alışık Aile Tiyatrosu (Sadri Alışık Family Theatre). In 2009, he became a professional actor after meeting with Ayla Algan. This encounter between Barış Arduç and Ayla Algun was a life-changing event for the young star and he took advantage of this meeting as best as he could!

The actress who cannot be aged by decades, Ayla Algan
The actress who cannot be aged by decades, Ayla Algan

Arduç began acting in television shows in 2011, appearing in “Do Not Worry about Me” (Turkish Original Name: Benim İçin Üzülme) in 2012. That was a great successful beginning. In 2014, he gained his first film role with a minor part in “Only You” (Turkish Original Name: Sadece Sen). On June 19, 2015, Arduç was given a leading role in the Turkish TV series “Love for Rent” (Turkish Original Name: Kiralık Aşk) where he played alongside Elçin Sangu on the Turkish channel Star TV. His role in Kiralık Aşk was a cornerstone for his career. Thanks to his successful performance, the TV series provided him with dream fame both in Turkey and the Middle East! As “The Best Series Pair“, acting as the characters of Ömer İplikçi and Defne Topal, they won the Golden Butterfly TV Award (2015). Barış Arduç later won his second Golden Butterfly TV Award, for his second season acting.

BArış Arduç deserves more than being a goodwill ambassador
BArış Arduç deserves more than being a goodwill ambassador

Goodwill Ambassador” Barış Arduç

Alongside his professional career, Barış Arduç is also known for his philanthropy besides his career. He participates in a wide range of social responsibility projects. He is also a Goodwill Ambassador by Life Without Cancer Society in Turkey (Kansersiz Yaşam Derneği). Afterwards, he took part in a catalogue shoot which was organised for a charity collection in the favour of Association for the Protection of Animals from Helplessness and Indifference (HAÇİKOHayvanları Çaresizlik ve İlgisizlikten KorumaDerneği). He also supports The Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation (TEGV – Türk Eğitim Gönüllüleri Vakfı-).

What We Know of His Personal Life

The successful artist Barış Arduç has a steady relationship with Gupse Özay since 2014. They don’t really to be caught by celebrity journalists. They have a cool and mature romance in which they do not want to be agenda with it, but their works. Despite the gossips on their potential marriage, they don’t like to talk about it for now.

Barış Arduç and her girlfriend Gupse Özay
Barış Arduç and her girlfriend Gupse Özay

Barış Arduç is 31 years old and he is 1.82 cm height and 78 kg weight. Barış Arduç’s zodiac is Libra. Barış Arduç’s social media accounts are;

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