Patara Beach: Everything That Makes Turkey’s Longest Beach So Special

Patara Beach is Turkey's longest beach with a 12-miles (18-kilometer) impressive sand

The longest beach in Turkey, Patara Beach, also known as Cleopatra Beach, with its 12 miles (18-kilometer) long sparkling white sand is an invaluable touristic spot for both Turkish and foreign tourists from all around the world. Antalya is not only the center of Mediterranean tourism but also the tourism center of Turkey. If you … Read more

The Ancient Metropolis: Ephesus

Update: The Ephesus Archeoligoical Site is open for visiting but due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, you can enjoy a virtual Ephesus Tour by clicking here. But first, we suggest you to read our article for a better experience. New York, London, Tokyo, Berlin… These are great cities of the modern world. Ephesus was one of … Read more

Europe’s Tallest Building: İstanbul Sapphire

İstanbul Sapphire

Update:  After the construction of Skyland Istanbul-1 and Skyland Istanbul-2 they became the tallest building in Europe (Except Russian territories) however, in 2019 the Shard has finished in the United Kingdom the Shard has become the tallest building in Europe. Complete list of the Tallest Buildings of Europe can be read on this Wikipedia page. … Read more

A nice article about Çıralı; Secret Seaside of Antalya

Olympos Beach lies in front of Çıralı

Çıralı is the neighbour town of the famous travel spot Olympos in Antalya. Terry Richardson from Telegraph’s Travel site, wrote a good article about this beautiful travel spot of Mediterranean. Cradled between two pine-clad rocky spurs tumbling steeply down into the Mediterranean from the high mountains of the Lycian peninsula, the graceful arc of beach … Read more

The Eurovision 2012 song of Turkey: Can Bonomo – Love Me Back!

Can Bonomo Will Represent Turkey By his song Love Me Back

This year Turkey will be represented by a talented young man: Can Bonomo in the  Eurovision 2012  song contest hosted in Bakü-Azerbaijan. It will be a very tough contest this year, England will be represented by her worldwide award-winner star Adele, Germany will be represented by Rammstein, such a contest will be a league of … Read more

Kadın – Woman Tv Series: Life is about Challenges and Surprises

Kadin - Woman- Turkish Drama- Tv Series-

Kadın – Woman Tv series is the remake of the Japanese tv series “Woman – My Life For My Children”. The original series was so successful in Japan and Turkish tv producers wanted to remake the series. Yes, the television industry of Turkey is very productive but they are open to bringing worldwide popular series … Read more

Söz – “The Oath” Series: Special Forces of Turkish Television

Söz – The Oath television series, started in April 2017, is a very popular action&drama tv show and still enjoying high ratings since its first episode. The story of Söz – The Oath of an elite military unit and the challenges of fighting terrorism and enemies of the public from the perspective of a soldier … Read more

Çukur “The Pit” Tv Series: One of The Best Tv Series of 2018

Çukur “The Pit” is one of the best Turkish tv series in recent years. The series became so successful that “The Pit” become a social phenomenon. Çukur – The Pit brought a fresh concept to Turkish Tv Series and Drama, action, drama, comedy and mystery in a whole presented in a very fast and fluent stream. … Read more

Kızım – My Daughter Tv Series: A Great Drama Packed With Comedy

My Daughter tv series is a father and daughter story. The series shows us what a father can do for his daughter and the things that he leaves behind. The story is an eight-year-old girl who, unlike her peers, has a very clear perception, a strong sense of empathy and a very intelligent girl. The subject … Read more

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ’s Crash: An exciting Tv series

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ as police officer Kadir Adalı in Crash Çarğışma Tv Series

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ is back! The new Tv Series Crash (Çarpışma) has just started with a great premiere! The first episode of Crash was really exciting and giving a huge promise that the series will be a top Turkish tv series of 2018 and 2019 already! Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ’s last tv series was Cesur ve Güzel (Bold … Read more