Anatolian Rock Band from Turkey Nominated for the International Grammy Awards

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The 62nd Annual Grammy Awards is on the way! So, the international music awards, which commonly considered as the Oscar of Music Awards, is going to be on the stage on January 26, 2020.

Jasper Verhulst and singer Merve Daşdemir lead the Anatolian rock band Altın Gün. And so, the band has gained to be the nominee for the “best world music album” in the upcoming Grammy awards.

Altın Gün (Golden Day) nominated for the "best world music" category.
Altın Gün (Golden Day) nominated for the “best world music” category.

Nominees from Turkey are on International Stage: Grammy after Emmy

We have just celebrated Turkish veteran actor Haluk Bilginer as he won the Best Performance Award by an Actor prize in Emmy International. Just after this great glory, we delighted with the second proudful news in the music field.

Grammy is the internationally prestigious musical awards. So, they announced the nominees for the award ceremony. Altın Gün often described as the band that introduced “Anatolian rock“. Anatolian Rock is a particular fusion of Turkish folk and psychedelic rock that emerged in Turkey in the 1960s – to the world. Furthermore, the band is among the nominees for the “best world music” category with their album Gece.

Altın Gün has reached a wide range of audiences from all around the world.
Altın Gün has reached a wide range of audiences from all around the world.

The Enjoyable Union Story of Altın Gün Band

The band has been nominated at the awards ceremony. We are going to be able to learn the winners of the 62nd Grammy Awards on January 26 2020. Los Angeles will be hosting the annual awards. Though reviving a uniquely Turkish genre, Altın Gün is led and was founded by Dutch psychedelic rock musician Jasper Verhulst. Its lead singer is Merve Daşdemir. And so, the other members of the band are Erdinç Ecevit Yıldız, Gino Groenveld, Ben Rider and Daniel Smienk. Their nationalities vary from the Netherlands, Turkey and the UK.

The Anatolian rock band Altın Gün in Tomavistas Music Festival in 2019.
The Anatolian rock band Altın Gün in Tomavistas Music Festival in 2019.

The path of those musicians crossed thanks to Dutch psychedelic rock musician Jasper Verhulst. With his post on Facebook in search of musician for the band he has been planning, the project began to take its shape. This is how the band set up and the members came together.

As for the name of the group, this is another funny story! So, the Dutch psychedelic rock musician Jasper Verhulst is the one who founded the name of the band by accident! As Merve Daşdemir stated that “He wrote “altın gün” to Google translate and translated it into Turkish. He, later on, asked her would that be a name? I thought the concept of “golden day” is the one that we have traditionally. However, he didn’t have a clue about this tradition. It was a funny coincidence, so we decided to call it Golden Day.”

In 2019, WPG Folk Festival welcomed Altın Gün.
In 2019, WPG Folk Festival welcomed Altın Gün.

What Does Golden Day Mean in Turkish tradition?

Golden Day (in Turkish Altın Günü) is a traditional and special meeting purpose for Turkish women. Either they have a proper job or they simply are unemployed, those women come together in one another’s home every week/months. At this meeting, the hosting woman of that time prepares different types of Turkish flavours. So, they enjoy their meals and gossip about others. But, the main purpose of this tradition is to collect gold (altın) and offers them to the host of the week. And so, the circle continues in the same way. Thus, women support their families with this kind of economic solidarity. And this tradition determines the name of the band.

The Steady Success of Altın Gün Psychedelic Band

The success and the fame of the band have been steadily growing in all around the world. The band, Altın Gün, has been performing since 2016. And they have already had 4 albums. They became nominee with their album “Gece” (in Turkish Night) for the “best world music” category. They published their first single in 2017. The album included the songs “Goca Dünya” and “Kırşehir’ in Gülleri“. On the other hand, they published their first album “On” in March 2018.

Altın Gün adapts cult songs in their idiosyncratic style. By doing so, they are promoting Turkish folk music to the world.

Awards Meet Holders on January 26, 2020

The awards will be presented to the winners at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on January 26, 2020, with a second ceremony hosted by Alicia Keys. Apart from that, American singers Ariana Grande and Lana Del Rey stand out as Grammy nominees for the “Album of the Year” category. Lizzio and Billie Eilish are the only two artists to have been nominated in all four of the most important categories. Those are the best new artist, the best song, the best recording and the best album.

The 62nd Grammy International Music Awards
The 62nd Grammy International Music Awards

The Anatolian Rock Band Altın Gün on Social Media

You can also follow the band via their social media accounts. So here, we are listing their accounts. You just need to click the links below;

Let’s give ear to Altın Gün;


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