An Unforgettable Train Trip To Kars With The Eastern Express of Turkey

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If Kars is the city in the wake of Mount Kaf, then The Eastern Express of Turkey is the way ticket to reach to this city of snow. With thousands of years of history, wide sidewalks, snowy streets shinning under the yellow lights, old stone buildings Kars has been fascinating its visitors. And especially, after The Eastern Express became popular, the number of visitors to Kars dramatically increased, too.

You will have wonderful scenic experiences
You will have wonderful scenic experiences with The Eastern Express

The Doğu Ekspresi (The Eastern Express)

Travelling on the Eastern Express lately has become an enjoyable activity regionally popular in Turkey. A trip lasts 24 hours, but it’s a pleasure. The distance is 1,310 km (814 mils). This experience, which has to be tried at least once in everyone’s life, is the most enjoyable way to reach Kars. If you are interested in more details of Eastern Express, please read our article and enjoy your trip in advance.

What is “The Eastern Express”

Eastern Express is a long-distance train service starting from Ankara and ending in Kars. The Eastern Express has taken its name from the east as it proceeds many cities through the east. Recently, it is the choice of those who want to travel safe, cheaply, comfortably and with beautiful views. The Eastern Express especially became popular between 2016-2017 thanks to social media fhenoman’s posts.

The Eastern Express runs between Ankara and Kars
The Eastern Express runs between Ankara and Kars

The Route and Train Schedule of The Eastern Express

The Eastern Express used to run from Istanbul to Kars before. This was around 48 hours trip. But now due to the the fire and ongoing repair work at Istanbul’s Haydarpasa Terminal, it runs between Ankara and Kars which takes 24 hours. The train’s Ankara departure is at 18.00; Kars departure is at 08.00. The Eastern Express passes through Ankara, Kırıkkale, Kayseri, Sivas, Erzincan, Erzurum and Kars cities respectively. The times through the intermediate stops are not precise due to road conditions. The train stops in small towns for 2 to 3 minutes, while in big cities it pauses for 6-7 minutes. You can also get a high-speed train ticket from Istanbul and Eskisehir to Ankara, the starting point, yet you can reach Ankara by plane too.

Spectacular Ruins of Ani, Kars
Spectacular Ruins of Ani, Kars

Wagon Options of The Eastern Express

Many people are wondering the wagons of the Eastern Express. The carts have 4 different options; sleeping compartment, couchette compartment, dining-car and Pulman. Pulman means the wagon with seats. There are two seats on one side and one seat on another. But if you want to prefer the compartments with beds that you have seen recently, you should prefer to use the couchette compartment or sleeping compartment. In couchette compartments, there are four-seater seats in a compartment and these seats turn into beds. In the sleeping compartment, there are two beds, one of which is on top and one on the bottom. Inside, there are a sink, a desk, power outlet, fridge etc. In the dining room, there is a wagon consisting of a restaurant with four tables.

The trip with The Eastern Express takes about 24 hours and you can drink delicous wines with a great view
The trip with The Eastern Express takes about 24 hours and you can drink delicous wines with a great view

Ticket Prices of The Eastern Express

The prices of the Eastern Express are not expensive. Rates can vary depending on options such as a wagon, child, student, teacher, age, press and full. Prices start from TRY 20 up to TRY 110. Tickets are continually being updated. After receiving the ticket, your PNR number will be sent to your e-mail address. Just give this PNR number when you get on the train. When you buy tickets, consider variables such as route, wagon option, and note what you’ve marked. Many people get the wrong tickets as a result of wrong marking when buying tickets. For more detailed information and to buy your ticket, you can visit the TCDD official website.

Kars is the last city on the eastern border of Turkey
Kars is the last city on the eastern border of Turkey

How Can You Get and Buy Tickets to The Eastern Express

After reading our article, if you decide to go to Kars via Eastern Express, first you must reach to Ankara either by bus or train. For bus travel to Ankara from Istanbul, there are plenty of bus companies which takes around 7-8 hours. For the train, you have a better option which is the high-speed train (Yüksek Hızlı Tren). High-speed train prices vary between TRY 70 to 122. And the trip takes less than 4 hours. For more detailed information and buy your ticket, click the following link

The destination between Ankara and Kars
The destination between Ankara and Kars

What is The Best Time to go to Kars with The Eastern Express?

The question may sound unnecessary and meaningless. And maybe it is. However, this is a trip that everyone has to try at least one in their life. So why not in the best season of a year? When we think of Eastern Turkey unsurprisingly first thing comes to our mind is snow. Therefore, the months of December, January and February are the most popular ones during a year. When it comes to nature like snowflakes, it is priceless to make such a journey. When the snow-covered nature as calm as a frozen lake, it is invaluable to make such a trip.

Plus! When you stop in Erzurum, the last stop before arriving Kars, you are strongly recommended to offer world-famous Cağ Kebab of Erzurum. You will love it. You can also click for other delicious Turkish cuisine and recipes on our website.

We wish you a delightful holiday in advance!


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