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Home » Amine Gülşe: ‘Turkish Irina Shayk’

Amine Gülşe: ‘Turkish Irina Shayk’

Amine Gülşe without make up

Thanks to the Miss Turkey pageant, we’ve introduced this beautiful young lady Amine Gülşe as she was crowned Miss Turkey 2014. Her beauty and talent led her to become an actress. Amine Gülşe was born in 1993 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Her father has origins from Kirkuk, Iraq and he was a Turkish discus thrower in Galatasaray Sports Club, later he transferred to a Swedish sports club and settled in Sweden.

Amine Gülşe and İrina Shayk, they look alike

Amine Gülşe and Irina Shayk

Amine Gülşe lived in Sweden for nearly 20 years, she returned to Turkey in 2013 and started modelling. The turning point of her life was her decision to attend the beauty pageant Miss Turkey 2014. Thanks to her beauty, she was crowned and then she started to climb the ladders of celebrity.

Amine Gülşe’s beauty quickly increased her popularity, for many people she looks like the Russian supermodel Irina Shayk and she took lots of offers to play in a soap opera.


Amine Gülşe accepted a major production, she started to act in Asla Vazgeçmem (I’ll Never Give Up) with  Tolgahan Sayışman. These tv series become very popular in its first season. She is pointed to as the new superstar of Turkish dramas.

Amine Gülşe without make up, no makeup

Amine Gülşe without makeup

Amine Gülşe has 1.78 m height, 55 kg weight and her measurements are 90-62-92

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Amine Gülşe's childhood

Amine Gülşe’s childhood

Here is the highlights of an interview and photo gallery of Amine Gülşe, pointing seven facts about her:

My Childhood Dream was to become a stewardess

Amine is our prophet Mohammed’s mother’s name, and also my grandmother’s name.

I’ve studied international High School Of The Gothenburg Region. I’m thinking about going to university but I didn’t decide which department yet. My childhood dream was to become a stewardess, I loved their moves during take-off.

Love, first time at my seventeen

I have a tattoo of Atatürk’s words how happy is he who says I’m a Turk.

I’ve fallen in love when I was 17 and we broke up last month, now I don’t have anyone in my life.

I was excluded because of my beauty

They say I was a very beautiful child and everybody loved my eyes, their continuous love bored me, however, my friends were jealous about this situation and they were mostly excluding me from their group.

Some call me Adriana due to my eyebrows, Some call me Irina

My father is from Kirkuk, Iraq

Sweeden is great but I am going to live in İstanbul

There are lots of offers, I am open to new projects.

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  1. She’s beautiful but she don’t know how to act or dress up or whoever design her clothing in asla has no taste what’s so ever and don’t give her beautiful figure credit Amina should stick with modeling cuz she’s bad actress

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