Panorama of İstanbul's historical peninsula from Galata tower
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American tourists and their choice of Turkey for holiday

American tourists’ profile shows us they visit Turkey because of its historical and cultural hotspots. American tourists have different priorities than European tourists. European tourists mostly chose Turkey for its beautiful sea and sun, historical and cultural artefacts and nightlife are other reasons.

Since 2009 and 2010, after the economic crises in the USA, it seems that the number of tourists started to increase sharply. This shows another reason that American citizens started to prefer economic holidays so Turkey is a very cheap destination for them. Due to the purchasing power parity and the exchange rate of USD, planning a holiday in Turkey is relatively cheaper than other alternatives.

Number of American tourists visiting Turkey 2009 -2013
Number of American tourists visiting Turkey 2009 -2013


Most Popular destinations in Turkey for American tourists

When we look at the statistics, US citizens mostly come to Turkey with Cruise ships, so their desired destinations are mostly planned through famous ports of Turkey, Kuşadası, İstanbul, Marmaris…

The top five places for American tourists are:

1- İstanbul

Panorama of İstanbul's historical peninsula from Galata tower
Panorama of İstanbul’s historical peninsula from Galata tower

American tourists’ first choice is İstanbul.  İstanbul is Turkey’s most visited city. It has amazing nature, great historical and cultural heritage, great shopping opportunities and oriental nightlife.

You should check the must-see list o İstanbul by clicking here.

2- Cappadocia

Ballon flight over fairy chimneys(Hoodoo) - Cappadocia
Ballon flight over fairy chimneys(Hoodoo) – Cappadocia

Cappadocia is one of the most interesting places in the world. Rock-cut houses, temples, and even apartments are unbelievable. Ürgüp and Göreme, Ihlara Valley, balloon flight and delicious vines make the region a tourism hotspot in central Anatolia.

Click here to see the photo gallery of Cappadocia

3- Ephesus and Kuşadası

Ephesus Ancient Theater
Ephesus Ancient Theater

New York, London, Tokyo, Berlin… These are great cities of the modern world. Ephesus was one of the greatest cities of the old world, which hosts one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world: the Temple of Artemis.

It is an amazing ancient city located in Selçuk İzmir. The region has the House of the Virgin Mary, Kuşadası beach and The Cave of the Seven Sleepers. Also, there are many ancient cities around the region.

If you want historical, cultural religious and sea tourism, Kuşadası and Efes region are best for you.

See more at The Ancient Metropolis: Ephesus by clicking here.

4- Pamukkale

Pamukkale and its fabulous Travertines
Pamukkale and its fabulous travertine

Pamukkale(Cotton Castle) is one of the rarest and most exciting natural miracles on earth, which you shouldn’t miss.

The travertine and the natural spring waters are used as natural healing pools and served as a spa centre from ancient times to now.

– See more at:

 5- Ölüdeniz and Marmaris

Ölüdeniz (The Dead Seas)
Ölüdeniz (The Dead Seas)

Ölüdeniz(The Dead Seas) is one of the best places you must see in Turkey. The place is called “The heaven bestowed to earth by God”. With its incredibly blue sea and its unique beach, the place deserves such imputation. 

See more at:

Health tourism in Turkey:

Turkey has a growing private health sector. Lots of modern private hospitals are built and give special healthcare. These hospitals are in competition to each other and this forces this hospital to serve a higher standard than most the European countries.

The prices may be high for a Turkish citizen who has an average income. The state health service compensates too. But if you consider European and American hospitals, the prices are really lower than these. In addition, the USD/Turkish Lira parity and purchasing power, the prices are relatively much lower than any private hospital in Europe or America.

Those who have lost their jobs and can no longer benefit from health insurance in the United States have discovered Turkey and its offer of health services at reasonable prices.

Affordable healthcare for Americans is possible in Turkey

Turkish health tourism has reached a business volume of $150 million with the loss of health insurance accompanying widespread job loss in the United States, more Americans have discovered Turkey’s health tourism to lower their medical expenses.

Americans are contributing an important share among health tourism patients, mainly due to low prices. Turkey hosts around 40,000 people in health tourism annually, creating a business volume of $150 million. The country is preferred by people from European Union member countries, but U.S. citizens have also started to show interest after the global crisis.

The arriving patient profile has changed amid the crisis and the number of American patients has surpassed the number of Europeans, said Health Tourism Turkey Coordinator Gül Soydan.

Many people in the United States have been left without insurance, Soydan said. “If an American chooses to have a complete teeth treatment in the U.S., the cost is $100,000, but it is at most $30,000. Having realized this advantage, U.S. citizens have been flocking to Turkey for health tourism during the first six months of this year,” Soydan said.

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