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Recently, the private Turkish broadcaster Star TV screens introduced the Akrep Turkish series (The Scorpion). Following this commercial, the audience had already started to wonder about this assertive and provocative production.

Perihan (Demet Akbağ) and Ferda (Evrim Alasya)
Perihan (Demet Akbağ) and Ferda (Evrim Alasya)

Name Change from Shahmaran to Scorpion 

As a result of the changes made in the series, the production company of the series decided to change the name to Scorpion. However, the plan was first to name the series Shahmaran. According to gossip, the prominent Turkish actress Deniz Çakır was going to be in the cast of the series at the beginning. But she refused to act in the series and was Evrim Alasya took her place instead. So, the audience began to have waited with curiosity.

Akrep Turkish series has many drama, intrigue, and tear elements
Akrep Turkish series has many dramas, intrigue, and tear elements

One of The Most Assertive Turkish TV Series of The Year

The shooting of the series started last month. The first presentation of the Akrep Turkish series (The Scorpion), on the other hand, was broadcast on Star TV screens. Critics assume that the series is going to be one of the most successful works of the new season. Thus, after the first promotional film, curiosity and a huge expectation aroused. Following the eagerly awaiting of the screening date, people wonder who is in the cast of the series. The series, in which Demet Akbağ plays the leading role, includes some very talented actors and actresses. İrfan Şahin, on the other hand, is producing the series.

Players of Akrep (The Scorpion) series
Players of Akrep (The Scorpion) series

When did Akrep Turkish Series (The Scorpion) Begin?

While Gökçe Usta sits on the director seat of the Akrep series, Erkan Birgören writes the screenplay. Star TV screens broadcast the production. The release date of the series was a great curiosity since a week ago. The Turkish private broadcaster Star TV aired the series on December 11th, 2020. And the series is going to be on TV screens every Friday at 20.00. 

What Is the Story of the Akrep Turkish Series?

Star TV’s new project, The series, began to be curious as well as the date when it will first appear on the screen. It is known that the series, which was first announced as Shahmaran, was named Akrep (The Scorpion) because it was more compatible with the script.

In Akrep (The Scorpion) series, the story will tell the struggle of two women who are fighting today with what happened in the past. The fight between two women will be on the screen in the series. Furthermore, the concepts of love, betrayal, and motherhood will lock the audience to the screens. As for another curiosity about the series, it is the casting.

The casting of the Series

Perihan (Demet Akbağ) left her daughter once she was 1-year-old and married to a rich man. Since then, she has been living a wealthy, comfortable, and disciplined life with her grandchildren, son-in-law, whom she doesn’t like at all, and daughter. However, she was ruined by the shocking news of her daughter’s death!

The eminent Turkish actress Demet Akbağ acted as Perihan
The eminent Turkish actress Demet Akbağ acted as Perihan

Ferda (Evrim Alasya) is the abandoned daughter of Perihan. After many years, she finds her mother, and thus, her one and only aim in this life become revenge all the years. Ferda, the scorpion, in other words, plans to sneak into the mansion and destroy everything Perihan ever has.

Evrim Alasya acted as Ferda
Evrim Alasya acted as Ferda

Aras (Yusuf Çim) is the private driver of Perihan and her family. On the other hand, she is a very close friend of Ferda. Somehow, he participates in the murder of Perihan’s other daughter Berna (Başak Daşman) along with Ferda. As he is a loyal employee of Perihan’s family, he painly regrets what he has done. However, he suffers from mixing in a dispute between Perihan and Ferda, because he is also a loyal friend of Ferda.

Aras (Yusuf Çim)
Aras (Yusuf Çim)

Fikret (Bekir Aksoy) is the son-in-law of Perihan and husband to Berna, his murdered wife. Though he is not in love with his wife, he has to maintain this marriage due to economic interests and for the sake of their children. In the meantime, he is in a secret love affair with Ferda.

Fikret (Bekir Aksoy) is acting as the son-in-low of Perihan
Fikret (Bekir Aksoy) is acting as the son-in-low of Perihan

Some other players of the series are Şahin (Taha Baran Özbek), Duru (Aslı Melisa Uzun). They are grandchildren of Perihan. Merve (Müge Su Şahin), on the other hand, is the daughter of Ferda.

Akrep (The Scorpion) Turkish TV Series On Social Media

Here are official social media accounts of the series, by which you can follow the series on social media, learn the latest news, and show your appreciation!

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