Adriana Lima and Emir Uyar: Lima’s Interest in Turkish Men

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While we try to convince ourselves of the relationship between Adriana Lima, who is a 38-year-old worldwide known Victoria’s Secret model, and Metin Hara, a 37-year-old Turkish writer who is interested in healing, energy, breath therapy, etc., now she appears with her new relationship with another Turkish man Emir Uyar! The new relationship of Adriana Lima with another Turkish man makes her position stronger in the Turkish people’s eyes as National sister-in-law! (For Turkish yengethe wife of our brother).

The couple was on a vacation in Mykonos, Greece
The couple was on a vacation in Mykonos, Greece

This new relationship rumor let us alone with the question that where Adriana Lima’s attention for Turkish men comes from! Before we move forward on this new romance, you can check her previous relationship in our article “Who is Metin Hara and why Adriana Lima is with him?”.

Who is Metin Hara and why Adriana Lima is with him?

Metin Hara, who has become the most widely spoken name of Turkey when she kissed the world-famous Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima. Metin Hara…

Adriana Lima Couples Up With New Boyfriend Emir Uyar in Greece!

Adriana Lima is enjoying some time off with her new boyfriend Emir Uyar! The 38-year-old Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima and the 37-year-old Turkish businessman Emir Uyar spent a night out on Monday (July 8) in Mykonos, Greece. Adriana was all smiling while wearing a blue silk set paired with sparkling sandals.

The following day, the duo coupled up for another night on the town, where Adriana wore a metallic maxi dress. Adriana Lima, the mother of two, was so beautiful despite her age.  During their vacation, Adriana and Emir were also spotted spending some time in Italy! For the last couple of weeks, the celebrity agenda is busy with their relationship. Especially British media paid so much attention to be able to verify these gossips. However, we all finally confirmed their relationship after pictures of them. Magazines and newspapers published their pictures a couple of days ago from Greece!

Adriana Lima is the angel of Victoria's Secret
Adriana Lima is the angel of Victoria’s Secret

Adriana Lima Holds Hands with New Boyfriend Emir Uyar!

The famous model holds hands with her new boyfriend Emir Uyar during a vacation on Monday (July 8) in Mykonos, Greece. The new couple flaunted some personal digital assistants while arriving in town on a boat. Journalists caught them the day before while enjoying each other’s company in Venice, Italy.

Who is Emir Uyar?

Until his relationship with Adriana Lima, the best we knew was that only Emir Uyar’s occupation. He is now the most famous and anticipated character of the celebrity world thanks to Adriana Lima.

The successful businessman is the Vice President of Permak Holdings. He is, on the other hand, the Honorary General Consul of Dominica to Turkey. Emir Uyar was born in 1982. After graduating from Private German High School in Istanbul, he studied business and economics at the University of Southern California. He graduated from the university in 2006. He gained experience in the machinery industry, textile, energy, and real estate investment fields. Emir Uyar, the successful enterprising businessman, brought also Regis Venice San Clemente Palace Hotel into service in Venice.

The group company started in 2010 and moved to San Clemente Island 4 years later. According to the records, Emir Uyar has 250 million dollars of private wealth.

Emir Uyar is a Turkish businessman
Emir Uyar is a Turkish businessman

Emir Uyar Gave A Thousand of Euro Tip!

The couple was on vacation in the neighbor island of Mykonos the previous evening. They were the center of attention of the foreign press. According to the British press, the Brazilian beautiful and socialite businessman, and a few friends ate in a luxury venue on the island.

The bill was 2180 euros, but Emir Uyar paid 3000 euros and left the rest of the money 820 euros as a tip! This generous behavior overjoyed the waiters!

Adriana Lina Is Going To Meet Emir Uyar’s Family

The top model, who began to a new relationship with Emir Uyar after a long-term committed relationship with Metin Hara, is going to meet with Emir Uyar’s family in the following days. She is going to have dinner with Sevim Uyar, the mother of Emir Uyar. According to the magazine news, she is very nervous about this meeting. It is also a matter of curiosity that what the couple will talk about. The family keeps as a secret the place of the dinner. So we can tell that she enters into the family!

Adriana Lima and Metin Hara split 5 months ago
Adriana Lima and Metin Hara split 5 months ago

What Did Metin Hara Say About Adriana Lima’s New Relationship?

The beautiful model Adriana Lima was previously in a relationship with Turkish writer Metin Hara, but they split earlier this year.

Metin Hara spoke for the first time for Adriana Lima and Emir Uyar. Metin Hara left Lima for the forced return to Turkey because of the illness of his mother five months ago. “Relationships can end, but it is not easy to explain to their mood. Nobody also can interfere with anybody” he said.

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