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Home » A surprising offer to Meryem Uzerli from Can Ateş

A surprising offer to Meryem Uzerli from Can Ateş

Surprise Offer from Can Ateş to Meryem Uzerli

Meryem Uzerli’s ex-boyfriend Can Ateş, who is the father of Meryem Uzerli’s unborn child was cheated on Meryem Uzerli and Can Ateş broke up.

Meryem Uzerli pregnant

Meryem Uzerli pregnant for 8 months

It’s claimed that Can Ateş made a surprise propose to Meryem Uzerli because of suffering a pang of conscience due to the guilt to left a pregnant women and having pressure from his family

As Meryem Uzerli is having her 8th mount on pregnancy and the birth of baby is approaching, her ex-boyfriend Can Ateş send a mediator and asked her that “Let me be with you during the birth”

Family pressure was effective

According to newspaper Sabah, businessman Can Ateşli was not welcomed by his family as he left a pregnant women like that. Can Ateş said that “I am aware of the responsibility and i’ll do my duty”. It is said that due to keep his word and lower his regret, the Businessman decided to act and put this offer. Meryem Uzerli’s response to this offer is still unknown.

Will this offer can be considered a reunion? Will Meryem Uzerli accept such offer for his baby? What do you think? Should she accept this offer or should she reject it?

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