A Potential Star of Turkish Televisions: The Young Actress Alina Boz

Imagine a potential star who is only at the beginning of her 20s. With a pure beauty, great command on Russian and a sincere personality… Today, we are going to talk about the young Turkish actress Alina Boz.

The beautiful Turkish actress, whose star brightened with her latest role in Don’t Let Go Of My Hand, is on-demand. Meanwhile, you can take a look at our article about Elimi Bırakma – Don’t Let Go Of My Hand Turkish TV Drama of TRT channel. We, by the way, must add at once that according to some, Alina Boz is Turkey’s, Kate Upton. Since the American actress and model famous with her magical beauty, we can infer from that statement that a bright career is waiting for Alina Boz.

According to the most, Alina Boz is Turkey's Kate Upton!
According to the most, Alina Boz is Turkey’s, Kate Upton!

So, what do you think about it? Do you agree that Kate Upton and Alina Boz are alike? Share your comments with us!

Who is Alina Boz?

Alina Boz is a Turkish-Russian actress. The beautiful Turkish Actress was born on 19 June 1998 in Moscow, Russia. Alina’s mother ‘Olga’ is Russian and her father is Turkish of Bulgarian Turks descent. So, she lived in Russia until she was 7 years old. Afterwards, in 2005, she came to Istanbul for her father’s job. Then, Alina Boz started Primary School in Istanbul. After moving to Turkey, she started dancing and theatre.


At the age of nine, she started studying theatre. First, she played as Canan in Cesur Hemşire (Brave Nurse), a Turkish TV series. Alina Boz also starred in Avea (Turkish GSM operator) advertisements with Ata Demirer. She has, later on, appeared in many commercials. Alina Boz, who was associated with Murat Boz (a Turkish pop singer) for her surname. However, there is no affinity between the duo. Nonetheless, thanks to this coincidence with their surnames, she became the cover face of Hey Girl magazine in 2010 with Murat Boz. She studied at the aviation vocational high school.

The beautiful Turkish actress Alina Boz was born 19 June 1998 in Moscow, Russia.
The beautiful Turkish actress Alina Boz was born 19 June 1998 in Moscow, Russia.

Alina Boz is now studying Theatre Department of Kadir Has University. On December 1, 2014, Alina Boz played as Hazal Gürpinar in Paramparça (Shattered) Turkish TV drama. There, she got the co-lead role and started to be recognized. In this series, she played along with Ebru Özkan, Burak Tozkoparan, Cemal Hünal. Furthermore, Nursel Köse, Civan Canova and Ahu Yağtu took place in the series as well.

Alina Boz’s Current Career

Alina Boz played in Sevda’nın Bahçesi (The Garden of Sevda) Turkish TV drama. It was a TV Misi-Series and she acted as Defne. So now, hold firmly you all! Alina Boz is now going to take part in a new Turkish Netflix original! Netflix is preparing a new Turkish original series. The name of this series is Aşk 101 (Love 101). The genre of the series is a romantic comedy and it is going to start through the end of 2020. So, Aşk 101 (Love 101) is going to be a great step on Alina Boz’s future career.

While Alina Boz's mother is Russian, her father is  Turkish of Bulgarian Turks descent.
While Alina Boz’s mother is Russian, her father is Turkish of Bulgarian Turks descent.

The series will consist of 8 episodes. Even though Netflix has not yet announced a certain broadcasting date, they have already aired the Love 101 official trailer:

How About Alina Boz’s Private Life?

The private life of the beautiful actress is also a matter of curiosity. Alina Boz has been in a relationship with Mithat Can (38) for about one and a half year. Mithat Can is the son of Sezen Aksu, the prominent pop singer and composer of Turkey. In spite of 16 years age difference, the couple doesn’t see this as a problem. What’s more, they have happily been maintaining their relationship.

Alina Boz and her boyfriend Mithat Can.
Alina Boz and her boyfriend Mithat Can.

Alina Boz is 1.73 meters tall and 50 kilos. Her zodiac sign, on the other hand, is Gemini. In order to be able to follow her on social media, you can click the following links we have shared below:

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