A New Turkish TV Series on Turkish Broadcaster Kanal D: Hizmetçiler — Maids

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The countdown has started for the new Turkish TV series of Turkish televisions. The TV series is Hizmetçiler — Maids, which is a new production of Turkish broadcaster Kanal D. The motto of the series is “Nothing is as it seems”.

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The Turkish TV drama has already caused great attention with its first trailer. Hizmetçiler — Maids beat all the records in Mexico in the name of “Ellas son La Alegria Del Hogar“. Furthermore, the series also reached a great number of fan in the US as “Devious Maid’s“. So, it has already proven that it is going to be very successful in Turkey, too, as the first trailer created a huge curiosity.

Hizmetçiler — Maids is the remake of American version Devious Maid's.
Hizmetçiler — Maids is the remake of American version Devious Maid’s.

So what is the story of Hizmetçiler — Maids Turkish TV series? Who are the actors and actresses of Hizmetçiler Turkish TV drama? Answers for those and more on our detailed article.

Was The First Trailer of Hizmetçiler — Maids Released?

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The first teaser of the series was released just a few days ago. So, many people began searching for any piece of information related to the series as soon as the producers released the teaser. While Öner Arslanel from Fabrika Production takes on the producing, Metin Balekoğlu sits on the director’s seat. Ali Leskay, on the other hand, takes on the project design of the Hizmetçiler — Maids Turkish TV series.

Who are the Actors and Actresses of Hizmetçiler — Maids?

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The series is a remake of the successful American version Devious Maid’s. So, the Turkish remake also stands out with the dynamic cast which brings together the old and young players. What’s more, the veteran players and new talents will show up side by side in the series. The leading roles are Deniz Baysal Yurtcu, Algı Eke, Selen Domaç, Aleyna Solaker, Yiğit Kirazcı ve Seçkin Özdemir. Meanwhile, the genre of the series is drama-plot. Hereby, it is a matter of curiosity if the series will able to obtain success just like its resembling.

What is the Story of Hizmetçiler — Maids?

The screenwriters of Hizmetçiler — Maids Turkish TV series are Makbule Kosif, Gülsev Karagöz, Özer Çetinel, Ruhan Arca and Alper Alp Özgen. The “Maids” is about the relationships between four different maids working on a luxury site with their hosts. And the mysterious events surrounded this network of relationships.

The genre of Hizmetçiler — Maids is drama-plot.
The genre of Hizmetçiler — Maids is drama-plot.

Ela lives in a small town on her own. However, her life changes completely one day after the grandchildren of Atahanli’s disappear. Atahanlı family is one of the most famous families in Istanbul. So some people kidnapped their grandchildren. Life plays her a completely different game this time as her drifts after the truth that brought her to the door of a luxury site.

Secrets of Wealthy and Poors

Eda is now a housemaid in this luxury site named Cennet Konakları (Heaven Mansions). She begins to explore the true faces of everyone as she gets to know different wealthy lives. Moreover, just like the wealthy, the housemaids working in their homes also have secrets.

When the end of the hidden secrets rests on the lost servant of Atahan, Ela realizes that nobody living here is innocent. Hacer, Atiye and Çiçek are also part of what happened. Because on this site, the servants clean not only the houses but also the “dirty” laundry that their bosses hide. In fact, nothing is as it seems in Cennet Konakları.

Who are the Main Characters of Hizmetçiler — Maids?

Ela Sönmez (played by Deniz Baysal Yurtçu).
Ela Sönmez (played by Deniz Baysal Yurtçu).

Deniz Baysal Yurtçu (acted as Ela Sönmez) had a simple and ordinary life once before. She has never thought of being a housemaid in the house of rich people. However, she didn’t have an opportunity to make her own choice. Then, she finds herself inside unexpected circumstances.

Algı Eke (acted as Atiye Kulaksız) never ashames of working as a housemaid.
Algı Eke (acted as Atiye Kulaksız) never ashames of working as a housemaid.

Algı Eke (acted as Atiye Kulaksız) is always contented with what she has got in her life. She never ashames of working as a housemaid. Atiye’s one and only desire in this life is to have her own baby. Because she has always raised the children of wealthy people on grounds that her job.

Selen Domaç (acted as Hacer Tuna) is the daughter of a housemaid.
Selen Domaç (acted as Hacer Tuna) is the daughter of a housemaid.

Selen Domaç (acted as Hacer Tuna) is the daughter of a housemaid so that she entered the house where she works now because of her mother. She doesn’t like the life she has to get at all. She curses this life every single life and accuses of her mother as she caused Hacer to get into this life.

Aleyna Solaker (acted as Çiçek Tuna) is the young talent of the series.
Aleyna Solaker (acted as Çiçek Tuna) is the young talent of the series.

Aleyna Solaker (acted as Çiçek Tuna) is the young talent of the series. She has already attracted attention with her great and pure beauty. She is in peace with her reality. However, apart from others, there is a love in her life that her mother does not approve. Nonetheless, whether her mother approves or not, she keeps going on her own way.

When Will Hizmetçiler – Maids Begin?

The certain release date of the series has not been announced yet. So far, we know that the series is going to start very soon. Since the broadcaster aired the first teaser, the “very soon” won’t take so long!

First Teaser:

Turkish TV Drama Hizmetçiler — Maids on Social Media

Until the series starts its broadcasting life, you can follow the series via its official social media account.


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