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A 20-Year of Fire of Revenge: Kuzgun — The Raven

Kuzgun-Yusuf Cebeci (played by Barış Arduç)’s family life changes completely as a result of the calliper held against his father, who is the police. Kuzgun will fall into bondage, pain, anger, and struggle that will last 20 years.

Kuzgun and Dila's childhood...
Kuzgun and Dila‘s childhood…

When Did Kuzgun – The Raven Begin Broadcast Life

KuzgunThe Raven began to broadcast life on 13 February 2019, on Star TV. The TV Series made the season finale with 16th Episode on 29 May 2019. The TV Series has been quite successful during these 16 episodes and made audiences repeat its name! Since the season finale, new episodes have been anticipating with a deep curiosity.

Main characters of the drama
Main characters of the drama, life-long love

Digging The Story of Kuzgun – The Raven TV Series

The performance of the new KuzgunThe Raven TV series, which is broadcasted on Star TV every Wednesday, gets full marks from viewers and critics.

KuzgunYusuf Cebeci (played by Barış Arduç) was born on 9 October 1987 in Switzerland and he is now 32 years old.

Kuzgun Yusuf Cebeci is a child of police and the subject of the whole series built on his character. He grew up on the streets after he was detached from his family at the age of 8 and learned to survive and lived under another name, Akça. Kuzgun, who wanted to avenge his father’s who was ambushed and imprisoned by his best friend, waited 20 years and grew his revenge up with every single passing day.

The handsome and talented actor of the series
The handsome and talented actor of the series, Barış Arduç as Kuzgun

KuzgunThe Raven (played by Barış Arduç) will come to Istanbul to avenge his father after so many years and live in love with his enemy’s daughter, Dila Bilgin (played by Burcu Biricik). Dila (played by Burcu Biricik), on the other hand, will remind the Kuzgun of his heart and conscience that he has destroyed in order to survive on the streets, and thereby, all plans of The Kuzgun will be changed.

Dila Bilgin, played by Burcu Biricik, a piece of pure beauty
Dila Bilgin, played by Burcu Biricik, a piece of pure beauty

Burcu Biricik was born on 4 May 1989 in Antalya. A beautiful actress and model Burcu Biricik has been married to Emre Yetkin since 2016. Emre Yetkin is also the manager of Burcu Biricik.

Dila Bilgin is a childhood friend and lover of Kuzgun since she was a little girl. Dila had also a hard time just like The Raven and with The Raven‘s (played by Barış Arduç) disappearing at once and losing his mother. Dila‘s father Rıfat Bilgin (played by Levent Ülgen) sent her abroad to have a good education, and for years Dila has been a good lawyer and has even opened an office. After years of encounter, Dila is still madly in love with Kuzgun; but it will take a lifetime to attain and reunite.

Master actor Settar Tanrıöğen acted as Tailor Derviş
Master actor Settar Tanrıöğen acted as Tailor Derviş

Settar Tanrıöğen (acted as Terzi Derviş) is a theatre-based actor. He has a very important role in this series. Tailor Dervish is the key character of the drama. He’s a close friend of The Raven‘s father. He is a dervish who leads The Raven. He is a very magical man with his clothes and harness.

Another master actor Levent Ülgen, acted as Rıfat Bilgin
Another master actor Levent Ülgen acted as Rıfat Bilgin

The master actor Levent Ülgen was born in Konya in 1962 and is 57 years old. Rıfat Bilgin is a retired police officer. He did everything he could in order to be able to educate his daughter Dila abroad and made her a successful lawyer. Now he looks like an owner of a logistics company, but he’s one of the biggest drug barons in the illegal underground world. When he was a police officer, he cooperated with a drug dealer, knowing that he would destroy his partner’s life (Kuzgun’s father), and he became both powerful and rich. Rıfat’s most sensitive point is his daughter Dila. Nevertheless, Dila doesn’t know her father’s real life, she doesn’t even have a clue!

The assertive cast with full of talented stars
The assertive cast full of talented stars

Big Surprises Seems to Occur: Will Tailor Derviş and Dila Die? Will Dila Leave The Series In Second Season?

The cast had a 3-months break after the season finale on 29 May 2019. It is assumed that the new season of the series will show up about the beginning or mid of September 2019. But some gossips about the series have already begun to spread out! [Spoiler Alert!] Tailor Derviş (played by Settar Tanrıöğen) is not going to take part in the new season, because he was killed in the finale episode of the previous season. Furthermore, Kuzgun’s director Bahadır İnce said that he said goodbye to the series by saying “We are setting sail for new adventures” with the photo he shared from his social media account. Other hands, it is assuming that Dila Bilgin (played by Burcu Biricik) will continue to act on the series.

3 Rewards To The Raven TV Series by Istanbul University Students

On the ballot which was made by Students of Istanbul University, KuzgunThe Raven has been rewarded in 3 fields:

  • The Best Drama Show of the Year: KUZGUN – THE RAVEN
  • The Best Actor of the Year: BARIŞ ARDUÇ
  • The Best Actress of the Year: BURCU BİRİCİK

The first episode of the series was taken in Nevşehir, the city with a wonderful beauty of Cappadocia. Magical beauty and mystery of Ürgüp Göreme Cappadocia accompanied with the first episodes of the drama. Afterwards, the series was moved to Istanbul for the following episodes.

Kuzgun - The Raven has been taking taking in the Province of Ürgüp Göreme
KuzgunThe Raven has been taking in the Province of Ürgüp Göreme

Where Can I Watch Kuzgun – The Raven

The team of the series has completed the filming of the 1st season with 16 episodes on 29 May 2019. On the other hand, the approvement process of the 2nd season and the script is still in progress. However, the most presumably, at the beginning or mid of the September of this year, Kuzgun – The Raven will back on screens! And the broadcasting day and hour will remain the same.

* Star TV/Kuzgun is the official page of the TV Series, and Kuzgun Official Youtube Page will also give you the opportunity to watch it. It will be aired on Star TV every Wednesday at 20:00 on Istanbul Time.

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