Turkish Rock Music Band Honors 53rd Year with Original Album

Moğollar is an eminent Turkish rock music group

Moğollar is a pioneering and famous Turkish rock music band. It has never left the limelight since the 1970s. So, it is, now, bringing together their works once again in a special project. The name of this project is “Anatolian Sun“. The album will be on music markets both digitally and in two separate albums … Read more

The 13 Most Popular and Attractive Turkish Women Singers

Gaye Su Akyol is a prominent Turkish psychodelic rock singer. (Image Credit-RedBull)

Spotify announces the most popular songs and singers country by country every year. So, there are popular Turkish women singers, too, among those lists. According to those lists, the rise of Rap Music keeps on. And pop music, after that, follows it. The first three in the list of “The First 5” of Spotify comprises … Read more

Turkey’s Psychedelic Rock Star Gaye Su Akyol in The New York Times

NYTimes evaluated Gaye Su Akyol as Turkey's Psychedelic Rock Star .

Turkish psychedelic rock star Gaye Su Akyol is the trending name of the last decade. She takes the stage in several pubs or concert halls in Istanbul. With her completely different style in music, Gaye Su Akyol represents the 1970s Turkish psychedelic rock music. And moreover, she carries that music from that period to nowadays. … Read more

Anatolian Rock Band from Turkey Nominated for the International Grammy Awards

The Anatolian rock band Altın Gün, led by Jasper Verhulst and lead singer Merve Daşdemir.

The 62nd Annual Grammy Awards is on the way! So, the international music awards, which commonly considered as the Oscar of Music Awards, is going to be on the stage on January 26, 2020. Jasper Verhulst and singer Merve Daşdemir lead the Anatolian rock band Altın Gün. And so, the band has gained to be … Read more

Zeytinli Rock Festival 2019

Being in Zeytinli Rock Festival wiil be a wonderful experience

Zeytinli Rock Festival has just started! The festival is celebrating its 6th anniversary this year. Zeytinli Rock Festival has been organizing since the 1st one in 2014. Since then, thousands of music lovers have been meeting at this festival. The festival has 6 years of tradition and the number of participants in the festival is … Read more

NBA Live 2016 video game announced with Turkish Psychedelic tune

EA Sports just announced the popular basketball video game NBA Live 2016. This announcement really surprised Turkish gamers and psychedelic rock lovers with its trailer. NBA Live 2016 official trailer: The song in the original trailer is ‘Out the trunk’  by Fashawn – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WM6GaIVabu4. The song built over  a psychedelic tune of Cem Karaca‘s famous song “Obur Dünya … Read more

Top 11 Most Attractive Female Turkish Singers in 2020

The beautiful and sexy Turkish singer Sıla

The beauty of Turkish women has always been in poems and songs with the deepest emotion and admiration. In the modern era, the music and show business featured this property; Beauty! Due to the fact that there are many attractive Turkish female singers, we wanted to make a top list. Turkey has great women singers … Read more

Halsey is Expecting a Baby: Here is Everything You Need to Know

Turkish screenwriter Alev Aydin and the American singer Halsey has been together since 2019 (Image Credit-The National)

The world-famous American pop singer Halsey is expecting a baby! As you will recall, last year in October, we had shared a post asking Halsey’s Turkish roots. Or, whether she has Turkish roots or not. Her Twitter post in Turkish back then cluttered the social media. Moreover, caused huge excitement among her Turkish fans and … Read more

Gain Media: The Recently Developed Digital Entertainment Platform

Gain Media is a new Turkish digital Media Platform

At the end of 2020, December 30th, 2020, the Turkish audience got excited with a promotional AD of a new digital entertainment platform: Gain Media. The advertisement was exciting and made a spectacular influence. The single used in the advertisement was the song of a prominent Turkish psychedelic rock musician Gaye Su Akyol. Even my … Read more

The Eurovision 2012 song of Turkey: Can Bonomo – Love Me Back!

Can Bonomo Will Represent Turkey By his song Love Me Back

This year Turkey will be represented by a talented young man: Can Bonomo in the  Eurovision 2012  song contest hosted in Bakü-Azerbaijan. It will be a very tough contest this year, England will be represented by her worldwide award-winner star Adele, Germany will be represented by Rammstein, such a contest will be a league of … Read more