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Turkish omelette (Menemen) is a mixture of vegetable and egg.

The Guest of Every Meal in Turkey: Mixture of Vegetable and Egg — Turkish...

As you all now know, breakfast is the most important part of the Turkish family meal. (You can check out our article on Turkish...
"Katmer" is a Turkish Crunchy Pancakes with Pistachio and Clotted Cream.

“Katmer” — Turkish Crunchy Pancakes with Pistachio and Clotted Cream

Katmer is delicious and easy to make Turkish crunchy pancakes with pistachios and clotted cream. The Turkish dessert hails from Gaziantep. By the way,...
Turkish Red Lentil Soup is potentially Turkey’s one of the most popular soups.

Savory Turkish Red Lentil Soup (Kırmızı Mercimek Çorbası) Recipe

Lentils have a very rich protein content. Due to the fact that lentils have been a vital food source in Asia Minor since Neolithic...
Turkish yoghurt is an indispensable flavour of Turkish tables.

The Easiest Way to Make Turkish Yoghurt at Home

Turkish yoghurt is an indispensable flavour of Turkish tables. You can see Turkish people having creamy yoghurt in every meal in a day. At...
Indispensable Turkish ingredients you must use in your meals.

A List for Turkish Flavours: Top 10 Most Common Used Ingredients in Turkish Cuisine

It is obvious that talking about Turkish cuisine is exciting! Just like Italian, Spanish or Chinese cuisines, Turkish cuisine is also one of the...
Gozleme is a traditional savory Turkish flatbread and pastry dish.

Special Flavor of Turkish Cuisine: Gözleme — Anatolian Flat Breads Stuffed With Spinach or...

Turkish people love stuffed flatbreads, gozleme. Turks originally come from Central Asia, where they drifted towards Anatolia gradually and made their home. They have...
Drinking a glass of Turkish tea with the view of Bosphorus is always on the top of to-do list.

Everything About Turkish Tea and The Best Way to Make at Home

The journey of tea dates back to thousands of years ago. From China to the former British Kingdom (The Kingdom where the sun never...
People in Turkey usually have simit for breakfast and it always has a ring shape.

No More Turkish Bagel: Simit Enters the Oxford English Dictionary (OED)

The Turkish word "simit" has finally entered the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). The dictionary defined simit as a type of bread often coated with molasses and...
Enjoy your Pisi

Recipe: “Pişi” – Turkish Fried Bread or Fried Dough

Pisi is a very simple Turkish, bread-like, fried dough snack. First of all, people in Turkey usually eat this delicious snack for breakfast. However,...
Mıhlama is a typical flavor of Northern Black Sea region of Turkey

Recipe: A Flavor Comes From Northern Turkey – Mıhlama — Cornmeal and Turkish Melted...

A favourite breakfast flavour in Turkey’s northern Black Sea region is a delicious blend of local cheeses melted together with coarsely ground cornmeal. It is...

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