Halsey is Expecting a Baby: Here is Everything You Need to Know

Turkish screenwriter Alev Aydin and the American singer Halsey has been together since 2019 (Image Credit-The National)

The world-famous American pop singer Halsey is expecting a baby! As you will recall, last year in October, we had shared a post asking Halsey’s Turkish roots. Or, whether she has Turkish roots or not. Her Twitter post in Turkish back then cluttered the social media. Moreover, caused huge excitement among her Turkish fans and … Read more

The #ChallengeAccepted Movement, Femicide in Turkey and More…

The last Challenge Accepted Movement has turned social media up dwon. (Image Credit-Glamour)

Challenge Accepted Movement, with more than 6m black-white Instagram photos shared by women, has been viral in the last days. All of us have most probably seen at least a couple of those pictures on our Instagram flow. Women from all around the world share their glamour black and white pictures with #ChallengeAccepted and #WomenSupportingWomen … Read more

Opinion: Advices to American Protesters and Anti-Trumpers

A picture from Black Lives Matter protests in the US. (Image Credit-Financial Times)

Giving advices to American protesters and Anti-Trumpers is not an easy task when especially while sitting on your chair. The best thing to do is to support and share your solidarity with people. People who are acting and taking to the streets bravely against police brutality and their obvious violence. Yet, no matter how hard … Read more

9 Similarities between “Black Lives Matter” and Turkey’s “Gezi Protests”

Black Lives Matter protests have spread over the world since May, 25th. (Image Credit-The Times)

Black Lives Matter protests have been shaking the US for almost two weeks. Protests began after a white police officer pressed his knee to George Floyd’s neck. After the video of the 46-year-old black citizen, George Floyd’s death became viral, tens of millions of people began screaming out three words: “I can’t breathe!” Those were … Read more