“Nights of Plague” (Veba Geceleri): A Shocking New Novel from Turkey’s Nobel Laureate Author Orhan Pamuk

Nights of Plague (Veba Geceleri), the last novel of Nobel-winning Turkish author Orhan Pamuk, was published as of March 2021

We have been keeping informing you for a long time about Turkish series, dramas, and more similar news. This is only because we know that you love those works and we also know that Turkey is satisfyingly good at it. However, we also know that you are familiar with Turkey’s Nobel-winning author Orhan Pamuk. So, … Read more

Nobel Laureate Turkish Writer Orhan Pamuk Met His Readers in Istanbul

Nobel laureate Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk met his readers in Istanbul at a conference.

Orhan Pamuk is one of the most popular novelists in Turkey. Even though his wonderful talent for writing and picturing images into his works, he mostly owes this fame to the Novel Prize. So, the writer won the Nobel Literature Prize in 2006, and now his novels are available in more than 50 languages. However, … Read more

Best Turkish Universities in a Scale of Academic Indicators

The iconic entrance gate of Istanbul University.

Either private or public, Turkey has some of the most qualified and high-ranked higher education institutes in the world. So, you may pursue your postgraduate education in some of the best Turkish universities, as well as your touristic desires in the country. Obviously, when someone talks about the best universities, institutions, or colleges around the … Read more

Is Bob Dylan a Really Turkish Descent?

Bob Dylan is now 79 years old. (Image Credit-The San Diego Union-Tribune)

When you see the title, it sounds unreal, unbelievable right? Yes, it is! It is even hard to believe for us, for the Turks. But, it is more than a rumor! Believe or not, the eminent “American” folk musician Bob Dylan is a Turkish descent. Turkish people tend to believe that the whole nationalities, identities … Read more

81 Fascinating photos from 81 provinces of Turkey

Halfeti Sanliurfa Underwater

Turkey’s has a variety of natural differences on its provinces. The climate, history, geographical location and landscape differs from every region and also inter-region. This variation creates a selection of natural beauty and  rich cultural  heritage.  The social-content website onedio.com published a fascinating photo set of Turkey’s 81 provinces. Adana Sabancı Central Mosque. Photograhp, Ali … Read more

50 Must-See Places in Turkey | Part 1

Hagia Sophia a great temple over the Bosphorus

If you are planning a trip to Turkey, you are probably searching on the internet for various Must-See Places in Turkey articles. Here is the 1st part of 50 Must-See Places in Turkey. The list contains various landmarks or attraction points from different provinces and regions. Thus, you can pick your favorites on your route. … Read more