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5 Camping Places Close to Istanbul Nested with Nature

Camping places close to Istanbul. (Image Credit-Kampbros)

If you are sick of sweating it out in the city, grab a tent and sleeping bag this weekend. And then, head out to some of the most breathtaking plateaus and camping places close to Istanbul. Marmara region has many to offer you…

For those of us who grew up outside the city, summer is perhaps the most claustrophobic time to be living in Istanbul. The good news is, you can find wonderful camping places close to Istanbul. They are truly untouched by urban development just a few hours outside of the metropolis.

Turkey is the country where 4 seasons and all the colours of nature meet.

Turkey is the country where 4 seasons and all the colors of nature meet.

To really get in touch with nature on your weekend getaway, we recommend opting for a tent to spend the night under the stars. Whether you have never gone camping or are an aficionado, there are some spots you are sure to enjoy within a three-hour drive of Istanbul.

To access most of these areas, you will need a car. If you are renting, it is a high recommendation for choosing a vehicle with a higher clearance. It will help navigate bumpy mountain roads. The first time you visit these spots, it’s a good idea to travel during daylight hours. Thus, you will able to avoid hitting any nasty potholes or taking a wrong turn.

Turkey hosts many camping places close to Istanbul. (Image Credit-Daily Sabah)

Turkey hosts many camping places close to Istanbul. (Image Credit-Daily Sabah)

As one last word of advice, please, leave no trace. These places are a refuge for city-dwellers only because they have been kept clean and undisturbed. Dispose of all your trash in a dumpster, and respect the flora and fauna you encounter.

5- Sahilköy, Şile, Istanbul

Şile Sahilköy is a wonderful spot only a few hours away from Istanbul.

Şile Sahilköy is a wonderful spot only a few hours away from Istanbul.

Pluses: Toilet and shower facilities, beach access to the Black Sea, a restaurant on-site, tent and bungalow rentals, accessible by bus.

If you are new to tent camping, starting out at a campsite with amenities is a good way to get a taste for the activity. Sahil Kamp Istanbul is one of the most beautiful camping places close to Istanbul. Moreover, it is the perfect place to start out. It takes place in the northern Black Sea coast of Istanbul. The campsite is accessible by buses (line 139S) that depart three times a day from Üsküdar and stop at Sahilköy. Or else, you can drive and park your car at the campsite parking lot.

If you don’t have your own tent, you can rent a tent or a bungalow. After setting up camp and stringing up your hammock between the pine trees, you’ll want to take a dip in the Black Sea or soak up some rays on the beach. This campsite offers plenty to keep you entertained while still getting you out of the urban jungle.

4- Sülüklügöl, Bolu

Sülüklü Göl will definitely amaze you.(Image Credit-Garenta)

Sülüklü Göl will definitely amaze you. (Image Credit-Garenta)

Pluses: Toilet facilities, dumpsters, registration office, firewood for sale.

If you are looking to get deep into the woods, Sülüklügöl Campsite in Bolu province is just the place for you. After paying a modest entry fee, you can pitch your tent next to Leach Lake, as it translates in English. It is a virgin and hiding place between verdant, densely wooded hills.

The first sound you will probably notice is the symphony of frogs. We are not sure we have ever seen as many frogs in one place as we did at Sülüklügöl. The area is home to 406 different species of plants, 38 of which are endemic. There are a number of hiking trails you can take, both around the lake and back into the woods in the opposite direction. Make sure to bring bug spray because the mosquitos can be bothersome.

The weekend we spent at Sülüklügöl, it rained the whole time, even flooding our friends’ tent. Nevertheless, the drizzle only heightened the fresh, earthy scents and blanketed the lake in a mesmerizing layer of fog. Seeing some places on a rainy day may dampen your impression, but Sülüklügöl is not one of those places.

3- Soğucak Plateau, Sakarya

Soğucak Pleteau offers an amazing camping spot nested with the nature. (Image Credit-Gezilecek Yerler)

Soğucak Plateau offers an amazing camping spot nested with nature. (Image Credit-Gezilecek Yerler)

Pluses: Free of charge, outhouses, family-friendly.

Soğucak Yaylası (or plateau, in English) is the perfect place for families with kids. This large, grassy plateau takes place is atop a peak in the Samanlı mountain range in Sakarya province. Though Google maps may show two routes, make sure to take the road that runs through Ilmiye – the other is a logger’s road that is not friendly to passenger vehicles. You can pitch a tent anywhere. However, we recommend driving across the plateau once you emerge from the woods, as there are some outhouses along the tree line on that side.

The tall grass makes for a soft bed and also an ideal playing field for kicking a football or throwing a Frisbee. This spot is also perfect for star-gazing. Before turning in for the night, put out a blanket and lie on your back to watch the Earth spin.

If you want to get some hiking in, you can walk 5 kilometers (3 miles) to the Doğansivri fire tower. (You can just ask a local to point you to the trailhead) On a crystal clear day, you may be lucky enough to see both Sapanca Lake and the Black Sea beyond it.

Make sure you bring sunscreen with you if you are fair-skinned because the UV exposure increases at higher altitudes. Once you have made your way back down the mountain, you should be washing the dust off with a swim in Sapanca Lake at Harmanlık.

2- Sultanpınar Plateau, Bolu

Sultanpınar Yaylası Camping area is in Bolu, only three hours away from Istanbul. (Image Credit-Evim Doğa)

Sultanpınar Yaylası Camping area is in Bolu, only three hours away from Istanbul. (Image Credit-Evim Doğa)

Pluses: Free of charge, humans nearby in case of emergency, well-suited for leisurely hikes.

Sultanpınar Yaylası, on the Bolu-Sakarya border, is perhaps one of the best plateaus in the region. This plateau is home to a rustic village. We encountered some car trouble on our first trip to Sultanpınar. But about half a dozen villagers offered tea and assistance. Furthermore, one of them even urging us to spend the night at his house. The plateau is quite a calm area to refresh yourself away from the crowd. So you can pitch your tents on the opposite side of the pond from the village. There are no designated camping areas. Therefore, pitch your tent wherever your heart desires. Be warned, there are no bathroom facilities.

If you have time to explore, the area is home to several plateaus, skirted by mixed forest, carpeted in stubby green grasses, and laced with streams. You can hike between some of the plateaus. Though you will want to ensure your phone is charged so you can use the GPS if you wander too far from your campsite.

1- Mount Uludağ, Bursa

Bursa the Green city will daze you with the clean weather and oxygen. (Image Credit-Turkey Tour Organizer)

Bursa the Green city will daze you with the clean weather and oxygen. (Image Credit-Turkey Tour Organizer)

Pluses: Free of charge, total silence, no mosquitos.

Mount Uludağ is the highest point in the Marmara region at 2,543 meters (8,343 feet) above sea level. It is a spot we would only recommend to experienced campers due to its isolation and exposure to the elements. Three lakes rest near the peak of the mountain – Kilimli Göl, Karagöl, and Aynalı Göl. Just type in Karagöl Uludağ and Google maps will get you there. A dirt road leads to the edge of the Karagöl, where you can pitch your tent. You can park near the road and backpack your supplies over the ridge to Aynalı Göl. This lake is nestled in a depression marked on one side by a rocky ridge and the other by a sheer rock face.

If you have never camped above the tree line, the silence is extraordinary – slightly even eerie if you are used to the sounds of songbirds and frogs when you camp. But, no need to worry about mosquitos or flies. The altitude is too high for flying insects. The nights get very cold, so bring warm gear if you want to catch any winks. You will also want to bring firewood with you as there is nothing to gather above the tree line. Again, sunscreen is a must.

You Might Have Some Visitors…

Don’t be surprised if you are visited by giant Akbaş sheepdogs who are generally tending a flock of sheep and goats. They are friendly enough, but always remember that sheepdogs are not pets and keep a respectful distance.

If you are in for a strenuous hike, you can trek up to the summit from the lakes. It takes about an hour and covers rocky terrain. Hence, it is better to be sure to bring good shoes and enough water.


Camping places close to Istanbul offer a lot to both internal and external visitors. So, if you somehow happen to Istanbul this summer, give those beautiful places a try!

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