New Hürrem Sultan role revealed: Vahide Perçin

After Meryem Uzerli’s sudden decision to quit Magnificent Century and return to Germany, there was a big question mark about the Hürrem Sultan role and the fate of the popular tv series of Magnificent Century.

Both Meryem Uzerli fans and series fans were cautious about this decision and they were asking that what will happen then? Lots of discussions made about this, but at the end the producers choose to find a new actress for the leading role of Hürrem Sultan.

Vahide Gördüm take over the role as Hürrem Sultan

Vahide Gördüm take over the role as Hürrem Sultan

This was not only an actress change, they also changed the scenario of the series. And announced that Vahide Gördüm(Perçin) will take over this role.

This decision was tough and brave because Vahide Gördüm is older than Meryem Uzerli and a time shift should be needed to match the aging of Hürrem.

Vahide Perçin, is a successful actress and played in lots of tv series and movies. You may know her from his role as mother of Feriha in the series “Adını Feriha Koydum”. Besides her talent, most of Meryem Uzerli fans criticized this decision and they want Meryem Uzerli back to the role.

We don’t want to give spoilers, because Vahide Perçin revealed in the season final, and lots of surprises may come in next season.

Vahide Perçin is a talented and experienced actress, and she had rough times, last year she had bad news, she got breast cancer and after a hard fight with this illness she come back to screens.

Lots of comments about this decision, most people said that, they should convince Meryem Uzerli and raise her salary- as it is said that it was not only her burnout syndrome also monetary issue because Meryem Uzerli was paid really lower than Halit Ergenç(Süleyman).

Magnificent Century made its season final last week, and will continue in next season with new Hürrem Sultan – Vahide Perçin.

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